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This my 6th time changing this. Yep I'm keeping count. Right now I'm on punishment until Nov.14 so if I'm not around... well just say I'm dead until further notice kay. I'm sorry to everyone Haha I suck. So do what ever you want here... NO PERVERTS ALOUD BEYOND THIS POINT! Yep I'm the only one who can be here. No just kidding. Everyone aloud here, Demons, half Demons, Werewolf, Vampires, aliens, weirdos and freaks too... lol. Ok I'm bored.
Um everyone has rules to there site and stuff but me Nope. I'll only make up one rule. Cause I realize that it has been bugging me to death. Ok.. um


1.No offense to anyone who has already sent me a CHAIN LETTER thingy. But the next person who does I will hunt you in you fucking sleep. Haha no I'm just kidding but I'll try to make your otaku life suck. Yeah that's it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanks everyone. I feel better. Heh I talked with Eric I think it was two days ago or something. But that really made me happy. Cause I hadn't talked to him in like more than a week. It just made me happy that he was there. All I can remember is we were talking about cookies. lol but it was fun. Really random. The funny thing is I think of this like a diary but I hate diary's there stupid. Ok I was thinking of something who was the first person to think up the world gay as meaning stupid. I'm slow so I didn't get at first but that was like month's ago. I really miss my nieces and I don't say that alot haha. I just want to hang with them. Yeah there like 5-7 years younger than me but it's fun. There the most important people to me. It's funny how me and my sister turned them into anime freaks and the whole Japanese thing. Myspace sucks. I quit. Game over. No I just suck. I can't figure it out. Ok I'm out. C'ya.

Wait ok. Everyone know how some is in love and all they talk about is that person. Saying how much they love him/her/demon/monster/weirdo Ok I'll stop. That's really annoying. I can't say nothing about this person cause well I use to do it haha. but for some reason it really bothers me.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What's up everyone. I got a myspace and it sucks. I can't figure it out so I'm going to have a friend come over after my punishment and help out. School been ok. Life not so good. I feel kinda sad today but that's ok. Cause I get like that. I want to make people happy but it's hard. I want to understand. I ended up crying as i was writing something on myspace. Ok most people need to socialize and be around people. That's how I feel right now. But I'l just cry cause I can't hold it in. I hate myself. But it's not my fault for anything but I don't want to lose it so I'll cry. My mom thinks I'm crazy. My sisters too I know they do. I don't care. My god sister. I looked up to her and she started to sell weed and stuff. And she left me, my sister and my nieces. I hate her for that. Because all were happy. And then she went to juvenile for 8 months. I hate her for being stupid. But I miss her alot too. It's as if she told me to go lay in a ditch and die. My sisters best friend left and that hurted too. I had always hated her but until she left I saw how much I really missed her. She took my sister away from me. She alawys talked with her on the phone and I was just jealous. But the truth is I loved her to death she was awesome. I'm always so jealous seeing someone happy makes me pissed. I'd keep saying to my self they need to GO GET A FUCKING LIFE when it's me sitting there watching other people live. You ever want somethng you can't have??? Guess what life isn't fair. Your going to stand there and see this person moving on, happy, not even noticing you. Then your going to rot and burn in hell. Cause guess what that's life. It fucking sucks. And it always will. If you think life sucks then guess what maybe it does, or it's just you screwing everything up. Messing up you. Your life. Yeah my life is nothing compared to others but... in my mind it keeps geting worst. I'm scared of what happens after you die, myself, and losing people who are precious to me. I love them if they were to leave me I don't know what I'd do. Damnit I need therapy.
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I feel mad right now. I don't exactly why though. No matter. I haven't been doing anything lately. I feel like I have to throw up. Damnit I feel like crying not because I feel sick but I jus want to cry. Haha I want to talk with sasuke. He makes me feel better.
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Hey guys
I have tomorrow off. Just that day so I will live tomorrow like it's my last day of life. Heh I can't wait. I'm going to change my sleeping schedule not that I have one. But I'm going to go to bed in like an hour or so and wake up at 12am. Gotta go.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hey everyone
I've been doing awesome. School has gotten worst cause they switched up the classes now my fist two classes are art and computers instead of gym and health. I really miss it the other way cause now I can't see one friend until lunch. And the art teacher is fucking crazy and I keep getting really mad is her class. i don't want to do something I'll regret. heh the thing is I hate to color and draw bullcrap. Now anime that's a different thing. School is starting to suck oh yeah. Umm I had a project just a few days ago and I did it the day before it was due and got an A. That was exciting. Damnit it's hard to concentrate when Eric's talking ignorance on the phone. How come he knows how to make me sad. Well it's just that when he's sad I end up feeling that way not knowing what's wrong or how I can help. I hate when my friends are sad because I want to make them feel better. Heh and then there no fun even though I'm not the most happiest person on earth. Having a friend how's more enthusiastic kinda balance me out so that I don't look as sad. Cause I swear I look sad or mad all the time but i can't help it. But then I find myself smiling for unnecessary reasons. Cause I'm weird like that. I have this thing on here where I can check my spelling. It's really useful cause I hate to spell things wrong I sometimes get made at my sister. She's a really bad speller but I'm not saying that I'm the best. She's just worst than my 10 year old neice and then when she comes to me for a question about her homework and I end up typing an essay for her. Damnit I wish she was help when I go to her for a question. Hehe but one time she paid me 5 dollars and it was so worth it but I had to bring up the price since I wrote most of it.

There's nothing really to say. I had a bunch of stuff but it just kinda went away.

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