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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I want to say HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Amy

Her birthday was on Monday and I get to take her to clubs now Go tell her Happy Birthday because she's the sweetest and most awesome girl friend EVAARRRRRR.


Hurrah...I have work tomorrow.

I'm going to upload a few pics I got of my friends and I at Canyon Lake. Almost my whole family went, rented a lil pavilion, to celebrate. It was a mass Graduation party/ July Birthday celebration. We got a big cake for everyone. It said "Congradulations and Happy Birthday", which made me laugh a bit.

The lake was awesome, the water felt sooooo goooooood. Suzin and I played on the bouys (sp?) because there was no life guard to tell us to get off. Heehee. It's always good to see the family too. I love it when all of us get together with good music, food and fun. The older generation teamed up against us "young people" for a game of Volleyball. At first, they were winning, then, we started to pass them up. Bwahaha.
Then we buried three people in sand. Pictures to follow. XD

The day before, I got to go to Warped Tour with my sister and her boyfriend Joseph. Unfortunately, cameras weren't allowed in, and neither of us had a place to hide them (we were both wearing skirts). But I did take a few pictures with my camera phone. It surprisingly, has some pretty good quality. I'll be sure to get those up too. The bands were awesome, got into some new music.
Also, a guy was walking around, giving away spiritual guidance books for tips. He handed me one and we talked for a few minutes. I was only able to give him 2 dollars for the tip, but he was appreciative.
I needed money for food later >.<
So that was fun.

Finally, today!

I woke up and got ready for work. I had to drive Mike back to his house so he can get his stuff ready for work as well. By the time we were ready, it was already raining pretty hard. I didn't rush to get to work at all. Got him and myself there safely. Something made me say "I don't want to go into work today" before I dropped him off.
I still didn't have a good feeling on the way to work, but I got there ok. About a couple hours into my shift, however, my manager, Ms. Sosa, asked me to make a run to another nearby store to drop off some food.
It was about 20 minutes away. I was the only eligible driver/person in the restaurant to go.
So I went.
Made a left, made a right onto the highway, got a little lost, called back for better directions, hang up, rains harder, find my way, headed the right way, switch lanes. Blinker. BOOM.
The lane I wanted to switch to was clear. I turned on my blinker and started to head over. But no. A little car decided he wants to get ahead of me before I make it over. So I swerve back to my lane to avoid him, not seeing the SUV on the other side of my lane, wanting to get into my lane. The SUV would have taken my place on that peice of road I was on if I were to have switched lanes.
So I swerved, which made the SUV swerve as well. The person inside (which turned out to be an older lady and her husband) over corrected, lost control and their front end slammed into the middle barricade.
Of course, I pulled over as soon as I could, called 911 and got all that business done. My manager STILL wanted me to take the food to the other store. I'm like "Fuck. That."
My uncle met up with me at the next exit, which luckily, had a gas station I could rest at. He helped calm me down; I was pretty shaken up, as we waited for my parents. They drove me back to my workplace after I calmed down. I wasn't hurt, so I was able to go back to work and finish my shift.

I wasn't hurt, no one seemed to be. I wanted to go apologize to the couple, but my parents and uncle advised against it since they might hold me liable. I felt horrible.

As much as I actually like driving in the rain, I don't think I'm going to be doing it much anytime soon. I'll just admire it from a window-side. Or maybe even just dancing outside with it flowing down on me. It's more fun than driving anyway. Right?

I'm sorry this update is so long x.x

Last but not least.

I'm really wanting to get some more art uploaded up here with these watercolor pencils. But I'm running short of ideas.

Note me stuff that you guys want and I'll put you on a list (if there enough requests that need to be organized into one). First ask, first serve.
I should have enough money to mail the originals to you if you'd like those too.

And that, my friends, is all.
Love to all ~ Maki

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My new obsession

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