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Hey. My name is Aurora Baker. I am going to warn you now and tell you that I am a complete pervert. I love to spend time with my friends and I hate my mother. Please sign my gb if you have something good to say. Thank you.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Silent Sorrows written by me
Myself is the only one,
I don't want to be.
From my pain,
I wish to flee.
You have no idea,
what it's like to be me.
So I hope that you hear,
my silent plee.
And one day I hope,
that you will set me my free.

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The Broken Girl written by me
Chains that choke,
liars that smoke,
a heart that broke,
...such a painful joke.

A lying mother,
a useless brother,
and another,
...disliked other.

Friends that care,
loved ones that glare,
a girl with dyed hair,
...who's heart had a tare.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fun at Leslie's (continued)
Aur: *pounces on Leslie* Good Morning! *kisses softly on the lips*

Les: *still half asleep* bad rora, u wake me up from the nice dream. u so mean

Aur: *smiling* Were you reliving our fun?

Les: maybe *smirks* by the way, love the wake-up call

Aur: Oh really? *kisses deeply*

Les: *after kiss* yes really, but really, its only nine in the morning and i was dreaming of a wonderfully pleasent expirience

Aur: Want to make that dream a reality? *winks sugestivly*

Les: lets see how close reality can come to a dream

Aur: You'd be surprised! *Starts to undress Leslie kissing any exposed skin as I go*

Les: mmm..would i...*pulls aurora's shirt off over her head and kisses down her neck*

Aur: *pulls down Leslies pants and kisses her legs while removing her underware* So was this in your dream?

Les: mmm.. no but reality is quickly over taking my dream

Aur: So do you like this? *begins to rub Leslie slowly gaining speed*

Les: *breathing heavily* yes..mmm..yes..

Aur: *kisses lip and moves slowly downward kissing bits of exposed skin as I go* So then you'll love this. *begins to lick Leslie and massage her breasts*

Les: *pulls aurora up to kiss her and starts kissing down her neck and between her breasts*

Aur: *Begins to rub Leslie again quickening the pase until she has an orgasm*

Les: *arches back at climex and moans in pleasure*

Aur: Oh...so you like that...*continues rubbing clit and kissing*

Les: *breathing heavily* mmm..yes... *kisses deeply then moves to lightly licking spirals around aurora's breasts*

Aur: *moans in pleasure* Oh...*sighs*...yes... *rubs clit against leslie's* *moans and rubs even harder*

Les: Oh...Yes! Harder...do it harder! *moans*

Aur: *rubs even harder against Leslie* Oh! *moans* Yes! *begins to orgasm*

Les: *lightly nips and kisses aurora's neck*

Aur: *lays down next to Leslie* Let's go back to sleep. Sweet dreams! *grins*

Les: *moves closer and gets comfortable* the dreams dont come close to the reality.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Equivalent to Me Playing Video Games

Browse through only the BEST videos at

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Shattered Glass by Aurora Baker
You've heard the phrase...
Half empty...half full...
So which are you?
Are you missing something...
or are you content?
Or could it possibly be...
that someone was too rough with you?
Are you like me?
If you are...
then you know how it feels...
to be the broken glass.

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mario sunshine
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Fun at Leslie's
Aur: still at leslies house. She's annoying me by being "evil"

Les:*smirk* how am i being evil?

Aur: you know how your being evil! *tickles leslie* Oh she likes it when i touch her there...hehehe!

Les: *giggle*

Aur: Ha! So you do like it. "Leslie's my dirty little pervert girl!"

Les: I AM NOT!

Aur: Fine then...you're my Bitch!

Les: i prefer the term 'uke'

Aur: And I know why,... cause you go crazy when I touch you there

Les: fine! fine! i admit, i like it! *giggles*

Aur: I knew you liked it. How about there?

Les: *giggles* stop it! it hurts! please, its too much!

Aur: Oh please, you know you don't want me to stop! You love it when I boss you around!

Les: u kno me too well, of course i do ^_^

Aur: You know I could let go of the restraint i still have!

Les: ur so kind... btw hows ur headache?^_^

Aur: Your making it worse everytime you touch me...-_-

Les: but u kno u like it just as much

Aur: Damn your evil!

Les: oh, i kno, but i just have to be evil to u *smirk*

Aur: Well, I guess I'll have to punish you then! *grabs leslie's legs*

Les: *giggle* thats not really punishment u kno... *giggle*

Aur: Yeah but if I grab you too hard it hurts! *grabs Leslie's waist and leg*

Les: *slides closer* but u wouldnt try to hurt me *innocent look*

Aur: I don't plan on hurting you. Unless you want me to. *mischevious grin*

Les: why would i "want" u to hurt me *teasing grin*

Aur: You might like it...*pulls you closer* So do you?

Les: i dont think so.. ive never thought about it before...

Aur: Well, I guess we'll have to try that sometime. *pulls you closer again* But for now... *grabs leslie around the waist*

Les: *giggle*...*gasp*

Aur: So that's what drives you wild, I guess i'll have to keep touching you there then.

Les: *looses control*

Aur: Fine I'll stop doing that and move onto...this...

Les: *smiles* u read my mind

Aur: And then clutch just a little harder...

Les: ah *gasp*

Aur: Oh so you like it...then how about if I rub this...

Les: *moaning* please... harder

Aur: As you wish...*begins rubbing harder as the moaning drives my thoughts wild*

Les: *pulls Aurora down to me*

Aur: *begins to bite leslie's neck*

Les: *shivers with pleasure*

Aur: Do you like it, my uke?

Les: *nods & moans*

Aur: *Pushes Leslie up against the wall and begins to caress her again slowly*

Les: *kissing closest part of exposed skin*

Aur: *moans with pleasure and continues caressing*

Les: *nips ear & pulls closer*

Aur: *pulls leslie into a long kiss*

Les: *returns kiss passionatly as pulse quickens*

Aur: *runs hand over Leslie's body*

Les: *quivers & moans*

Aur: *knocks down webcam when pouncing on Leslie* [to be continued]
P.S. *bursts out laughing* This didn't happen! *laughs more*

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