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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   Advent Children, foo
I just watched the english version of FF7:AC two days ago, and it was the sweetest ff movie. Because the other movie stunk. Like butt. Besides that, I noticed some minor texturing problems[ur thinking,"but how?!"], for example at the begining when Cloud pulls up and stops right in front of the camera. Its a close up of the wheel, and the texturing on it seems a bit fuzzy. But then again, Ill have to watch the movie again to make sure. Well otherwise it was awesome, and if you dont get the storyline watch it again the watch the reminecsince[spelling...bleh] of final fantasy. I think it rocks that Cid and everyone else showed up. Cid is much cooler in FF7 then he is in FF10. Hes old in 10/10-2. But his daughter rocks :3 hehe... Well other than that my day was alright. I got a hug and I ate a big chunk of peanuts covered in white chocolate. And I came up with a really cool riff on my guitar recently. It hurts my knuckles when I play. Did I mention I am a self proclaimed prodigy?

More news! I got my blue belt recently. It seems every time I move up a rank, the colors look better on me. Well this means I have five more belts till I become a blackbelt! Everyone shall marvel at my splendor! A 13 year-old, 5'9, blackbelt with sideburns and big hair?! Amazing!

BTW, thanks to angelservant for reminding me about my birthday. I forgot to post about it.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Spirited Away
I watched Spirited Away a couple days ago, and it was great! It was really creative, good animation and detail, and lots of stuff like that.
Also I watch my neighbor Totoro, and that was a good one too. who can resist a giant squirrel/bunny spirit that plays a flute and dances on top of a small spinning top? No one, me thinks.

By the way, Ive figured out Ive got to up the ante on my art, Ive realized that my art isnt as good as I thought, thanks to all those honest people[cough cough angelservant cough].
Its not creative enough, to outdated and cliche...hmm. This means more time between art updates[as if there wasnt enough], and less art...
BTW Im considering emptying out my art section, to get a fresh start.

Another thing is that I dont have a specific style, aka my art is like a mixed bag. Or a box of chocolates... whatever analogy you want to use.
I do say, I am a lazy bum. Maybe thats why my art is so plain? hmmm....I'll have to think about that.

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Sorry about the akward post, but I was being bumrushed and I couldnt thing of anything positive to post.
All Ive got to say is that its allergy season, and my nose is going crazy... And Ive downloaded a great game-making program, but I wont complete the game until I get photoshop...which is about 500$. But someone told me I could download a pirated version off the internet, but isnt that illegal? But then another kid said that it depends...Well that plan is ruined...
Besides that, the program is great, despite what you think because i downloaded it off the internet...i just can finish my creation Until I get photoshop! Being poor stinks...I have other options, but Ill have to think about those...

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

   My poor little hamster...
Last night, I walked into my room, and I noticed one o my hamsters wernt moving!! I walked to the cage, and my hamster passed on... I decided to bury her In my backyard. I cried... my porr hamster... I only hope she didnt die a painful death.
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Well, out of all my stuff on my list, I only got 1 of what I wanted! But it really doesnt matter, cuz most of that stuff was out of the blue...
Anyways, I got a brand new guitar amp, a distortion box, and a bunch of cards!
The good thing about my new amp is that its twice the size of what I wanted,[I wanted 30watts, I got 65watts] And it sounds way better! It pretty awesome...and the dirtortion box is cool but I might get a new, better one to use wawa features...

Well thats all...talky to ya laterz!

BTW, Ive got a new pic up[should upload soon] check it out!

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