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Hi!!!welcome to my site,u are welcome to sign my guestbook anytime^-^ or maybe add me as a friend too^-^

Yes, im a Filipino and proud of it!!XD and i'm also a Christian and i'm proud of it!!XD GOD RULES!! lol well God bless to you all!!^-^

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

   happy!!lol yea
well i am really happy today because my friends are slowly coming back to life lolXD and i also made new friends and they're so cool so yea anyways i hope u guys r having a good time!^-^
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Friday, July 4, 2008

well last i think monday or is it tuesday idk well the wallpaper "wind" that i submitted was deleted because of some plagiarism issues=( i didn't even know it was a stinking wallpaper already i just found it in photobucket!!!DX i'm a bit furious..well actually alot...well because i worked on it for hours T_T but i still want to say i'm sorry to that person who made it as a wallpaper already....and now it kinda scares me when picking some image from photobucket, so i'm kinda piccy after what have happened..*sighs* oh well=( hope you guys are having a great time^-^
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Monday, June 23, 2008

awwww all of my friends are like gone...they don't talk to me anymore well except for angelgal921 which i really appreciate thanks for being there angelgal921^-^...i send this fanart and to my surprise i only got 1 hug which really broke my heart T_T but oh well...*sighs*
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