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Kyle's point of view:
I was with Edge sitting on a moving train when all of a sudden the train ran off the tracks. I grabbed Edge and tried to protect her as much as possible as the train flipped to its side. I woke up and I had been thrown from the train along with Edge. I looked around feeling the cold sweat run down my back. It was winter and freezing too. If we didn't find shelter soon we would likely die. My eyes fell upon a heap of snow that had a hand sticking out of it.
I ran over to the hand and started digging. I saw her tan cheeks that looked raw and red from the cold. I pulled her out and shook her lightly. She slowly opened her eyes and said. "What happened?"
"The train recked, are you ok?"
"Yeah just cold."
"Same here. We need to find somewhere to go."
I helped lift Edge to her feet and we began walking. It looked as if nothing was out there. Just snow. We began to feel sick and worn out with no thick clothes we huddled under a tree together trying to stay warm. It was hopeless we barely had any body heat. I felt Edge grab at my shirt and looked down at her to see tears running down her cheeks. "Don't cry. W-well b-be ok-k." My teeth chattered as I spoke. I pulled her even closer into my lap and wrapped my arms around her tightley. She tucked her head under my chin and we both fell asleep. We both died that day of nemonia and froze to death too. But I woke up. I felt something stabbing me in the arm and i looked down at Edge to see a horn sticking into my arm. I moved my arm carefully and looked down at the new Edge. Her once brown hair was now as white as the snow. She seemed to have fangs hanging down to her chin. I tried moving my neck, but stopped when i felt something sharp. Three long claws from her fist were pointed at my throat. I moved her hands away and looked at her back. Two giant wings were mounted on her back. They were bat like. I looked once again and saw something move behind me. It was white like a bird wing. I realized it was attached to my back. Two beautiful white wings. I looked around Edge's neck and saw her heart shaped silver necklace. I looked at my reflection. Nothing was wrong with my face, but all the frost bite was gone.
I carefully shook Edge and she woke up staring at my wings.
"You have wings too and more."
She looked at her claws and wings and felt her teeth and horns. She looked at her hair and ducked her head into her knees. She started sobbing and i pulled her close and tried to lift up her chin. "Don't look at me!" She screamed still crying.
"Nothing is wrong with you."
"I'm hideous!"
"No your not. Your beautiful."
Edge looked up at me and smiled. She leaned closer to me and made sure to watch out for her horns and claws.
We both stood up, but when we did Edge began to sink into the ground and a red light sucked her deeper and deeper into the ground while I was lifted into the air. I grabbed around her back as she tried to hold on to my neck slowly we drifted apart and we grabbed each others hands screaming to each other. The last thing was said before we could no long hold on was "I love you."
This is my story, the story of "A Devil's Curse"

Friday, August 17, 2007

Take it part: 2
sorry it isn't as great as the first, i'm currently working on it, but i just couldn't be patient enough to wait and post it when it was complete lol >< sorry it sucks

Your hands tremble with greed,
my heart is now a seed.
I am a pawn for your opacity,
just so you can be called hominal.
Death is in the air,
and now I dispair.
My heart is now yours,
and my tears now pour.
Your soul taste bitter,
I can't believe it.
Your crying,
sobing, sighing,
disappointed in yourself.
Overcome with lust,
your lust for my blood.
You rip out my soul from your chest,
and bow before your fate.
Your body begins to decompose,
I have to force myself not to cry.
You were a friend,
a true friend.
Take it,
take my heart and save your life,
grab that scyth.
Rip it out,
tear me apart.
Let my blood run down your face,
and I will let you win in this case.
So I can see you another day,
and I will no longer keep you away.
I will embrace your darkness,
and become one with you.
Just so you don't have to be alone,
I will never be gone.
I will stay here with your ashes,
and pray for you everyday.
Don't let go of me,
and hope will continue to grow.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Take It
The darkness swallowed me whole,
biting down on my soul.
It creeped around my heart,
tempting to stop my pulse.
The dark moves in,
there is no end.
Let it sink into my core,
filling me with horror.
The light is gone,
and I am all alone.
The dark is here to stay,
but I try to keep it a stray.
Don't look at me with those dark eyes,
those eyes that look at me with satisfaction.
The eyes that told me I would be here,
Your mouth curves into a grin,
foaming with monstrosity.
The darkness seeps deeper into me.
Your true face is shown,
you let out a deep moan.
Steal my now blackened heart,
if you are smart.
So you can replace your own,
that isn't even whole.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

i have now started a deviantart account, my username is ScreamingLight! Yay! lol, well ttyl,

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