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Monday, April 18, 2005

   Like my new layout?

Yes..it's true..I've changed from Chobits to Pita-Ten. I just though Chii was cute but when I read her manga...SICK! Never in my life have I seen a Grosser manga! So I completely changed everything to anit-Chobits!

And I've developted a sceme to get a kitten *puts on spy glasses* MUHAHAHA! I shall go to JV where my friend, Andrea will give me one of her cats' kittens, then I will put it in my book bag at church where we will meet. I then put the kitty in my closet while at school (i have a big closet) and then.. take it out when no one is looking ^^ Pretty good huh?

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   I'm back agian

Yes I'm back. I was gine for a few days..decorating and preparing for the Jpanese tea party. We ate RAMEN!! ^__^ it was soo good. and we used chop sticks to eat. We had a sleep over (Kali, Dawn and Hannah) and we even ate cerial with chopsticks^^ it was lots of fun.

Then they all went home exept for Dawn *sighs* and we went to the store down the street and got ice cream ^^ ooh yeah! but the real thing is that on our way home we saw the CUTEST KITTENS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! and they were just roming around like they had no home!! we begged our parents to keep them.. and they said

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   Welcome I'm back

Yes, well I'm back. My other account broke >.< And now, here I am! do u like the new outline? I was thinking about putting some polls on here and possibly a pop-up?!? What do u think?

I cant wait untill this Friday! A few friends and I are going to have a Japanese tea party at my place^^ YAY! We'll eat ramen, just like on inuyasha ^^heh heh.
And Tomarro is going to feel like friday because we only have a half day!!

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