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Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Well I'm back from the nature preserve! I seen a ton of tadpoles and frogs ^^ and 3 deer! It was fun with my family and i got to bring a good friend of mine named Yuki. We were walking on the path a a HUGE yellow jacket kept charging ast my head! I ran ... tripped ... and got a big scabe ^___^' Just my usual Clutzy-self! I hate beez now! and flys and any other anoying flying thing. (not including the fireflies)

Well that was my weekend how was yours? It was pretty fun for me, exept for the whole falling part.
(-_-') Yeah, i changed my avi, the panda fits my name more dont ya think?

Just wanna thank everyone for giving comments and support! Luv you guys, and feel free to talk about ur problems with me!

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Sunday, June 5, 2005


Finally! I changed my layout to something I am very happy with! Don't you like? I Know ive been changing it almost every single week but this time, i think ill keep it for a month or so..
I was just too angry witht that Jpop one.

Today was SO HOT, im still melting~~~~~ -_-' I went swimming today and then ate Ramen YUM!
Tomarro Im going to the forrest preserve, hopefull ill find a froggy ^^ My bestest friend Dawn is comming, then ofcourse...we will swim.

QUESTION: if you could date an anime character, What character would it be?

Mine would be Daisuke, ahh, so cute^^

Leave comments!!

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   Fun In Da Sun!.. ... Wait..Did I Just Feel A Rain Drop?!


Hows every body? Well today is my Brother in-laws Birthday! We are gunna have a BBQ. *sighs* but it raining!! All well good thing everyone doesn't come untill 7:00pm ^^ I get to play with all of the babies!! Lemme count,
and John, WHOOP WHOOP!lots of babies.

hehehe..I change my layout almost every week! I just can't decide!Well now i have decided to do a Jpop theme..i have been meaning to do this for some time now. Do you guys like it?? Oooh, and guess what? He just came out with a new movie called 'Howl's Moving Castel'!

Well, gotta head to the party..

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Sunday, May 22, 2005



Hello everyone! I have decided i need to spice up my site with more pandas ^__^ After all its the name isn't it? Well I updated agian with new wallpaper and all, really hot ^^ *looks at Daisuke* ahh..he is the hottest!

U like?
I like!
Tee hee hee!

My family went to the chinese resturant for dinner! YAY! Dad liked it, sister liked it, Mom..HEY! Yeah my mom didnt like it @_@ ! I thought she was plain crazy not to like there chinese food! But hey, I guess not all people like it ^~^ .

Tomarro is my last day of school! YAY (agian). It's gunna be so boring sence i wont have anything to do. but at least its not homework !!!

What!?! OVER?!?!

Yes little panda, End of this post. Say good bye!


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   'Bing' Im Back!

YAY!! I'm back. It has been so nice out lately i havent been on so im am SO sorry. I will visit everyones sites and leave a comment ^___^ Hope that will make up for everything right now.

I was just watching a clip from the new Gunslinger Girl movie that came out today. I REALLY want to see it! Has anyone ever heard of Gunslinger Girl?

New Layout...YUP! Like it? It is still CCS but now its more green that pink. I Shall Call It My "Spring" layout. LOL. How cute ^^ Well hope you guys have a great day!! You dudes rock!

Your panda Pal,

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Thursday, May 5, 2005


Yay!!I passed my science test!Finnally..i totaly suck at that class >_< And I got to Play with my neices today. There ages are 2 and 2 mounths. Then I went to the park.. and i saw the most cutest little girl!! she must have been Japanese or chinese. she is adopted though. And at school this guy called me a chinese wann-be!!! A CHINESE WANNABE ! What a loser. I'm Japanese. [loser]

UHH. I cant get enough of her.She is so pretty and she is my idol^^ I wanted to be an actor once.

**What did u want to be when you were young?**

**Who's your idol?**



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Monday, May 2, 2005

Card Captor Layout!!

So how do you like my new CCS layout? Looks pretty cool if you ask me^^ Im buying a final fantisy game from this uh.. cute boy from the bus ^////^ yeah. I kinda just wanna buy it from him because he is cute..and i think of it as sort of a gift..but I know in his eyes, all he sees is $_$ (kaching) yeah, so i guess we aren't meant to be.

Does anyone know if the Final Fantasy games are fun?

I also put up a new music video. It's One of the endings for inuyasha..a different one from last time. I wish I had one of Puffy AMIYUMI. *sighs* That kitty, she-She NEVER CAME BACK!! *wipes tear off with a sleve* and now my kitty misses her! I will never forget you.. what ever your name was. LOL.

Pandas Rock Dudes!!


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Saturday, April 30, 2005

   My Kitty is in love!!

Yup. Everyone is in love now^^ Like my cat, he is staring out the window at this unusual cat who has somehow ended up on pur belcony.*sigh* She is so cute but I cant open the belcony door because she is afriad and wants to run away. Like this Pita-ten pic? it matches good with the love theme i think.

Puffy AmiYumi. Yeah, they are my favorite band!! My favorite song is "Joining A Fan Club" by Puffy AmiYumi!They are now going on tour too!(whoop whoop) I really want to see them preform soon.

Whats Your Favorite Japanese Band?

You Guys ROCK!! I only need one more person to sign my guest book and i FINALLY have 100!!YAY! thanks to everyone who signed and left comments!!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


*Yawns* Sooo Tired. Well now I have a scar on my face... Got into a fight with this boy. He was saying "Your going to get married to a fat guy!!" I told him to stop...but that didnt stop!! So I end up though stuff at him..and he through a huge branch at me ._. Now I have a scar on my nose. Yeah I know, wasnt this just the best day ever...lol.

This is Brenda Song From "Phil of the future" and "The suite life of zach and cody" SHE IS SO PRETTY! What do u think? Shes a pretty funny actress too. I love her hair (not to get to girlly)
Well that about des it for all I need to say..Exept..



leave me a comment and I will do the same ASAP

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Yep!! I havent been on in a while once agian ^^ That because of all of the school things going on right now. Grr.. i just hate school. Im so lucky to be getting out on May 23rd! Then i can be on the computer for ever!!! MUHAHAHA! So Andreas Cat had kittens. They were born on 4/20.(national pot head day lol.) She had 4 kittens a black and white one, 2 gray ones, and one all white one ^^ YAY!! I can't wait untill i get to sneak one in my closet ^^(see my other post if u dont know what i mean)

Today I gave my friend a walky talky and i had the other and we thought this would be a good idea but GRRRRR!! We can hardly hear each other...*sigh*. Now about games.. my fav computer game is probably ZooTycoon 2..i love that game ^^ whats ur fav. computer game?

~Dont ask why this is here..I thought it was cute ^^~


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