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Hello foolish mortals and welcome to my otaku! Mwahahahahahahaha! *cough cough...hairball* My name is Ashley and I am a.....very unique person!!! =^_^= I am unhealtily obsessed with the following: my friends, books, INUYAHSA!!!, torturing my brother and of course pancakes! Woot!! I have two dogs, two brothers and two sisters(notice a pattern yet?) Im 13 and in band! IT IS FRIKIN AWESOME!!!!! I talk nonstop for a very long time and am know for being very annoying when I want to be but, I can also be a trusting, understanding, caring, sweet friend who bellieves in world peac.... uh never mind about the peace part because that is a HUGE LIE! I am kinda slow and...ok, correction, I am VERY EXTREMLY slow but thats why you love me.....right?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hello all! I took a quiz and apparently Im really emo and i need to stop or im going to start cutting...I may be emo but I will never cut so, I conclude that the quiz is gay and therefore anyone who takes it is gay except for me cause...Im me, enuff said...:) I saw my mom tonite, shes ok but I am scared that when she gets out of "treatment" she will go back to using and I have had too much stuff happen this year and I dont think I could handle another let down or broken promise from her...I need hel and Im proud of it, ok so maybe Im not proud but at least i can admit it, thats one step closer to recovery...Woot! Yay! Bye

Today has really turned out to really suck. My grandparents are always nagging me and I dont feel like me is actully me. I dont deserve the friends I have because they are way too good for me...damn, I sound emo. I need help.