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My name is Stitch,I am your not so average teenage gurl,and im dating the best guy ever!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Hey everyone
Hi everyone whats up??
Well...tomorrow I am going to shadow at a different school...I am going to miss Lofton a lot!!I have made so many friends this year! It has been raining so much here in Florida, I wish it would stop because I am supposed to be going to the beach on Saturday!!!I got an amazing new jacket, it says pick Jesus and the words are in a guitar pick. I lurves it!!!Anyways,
how is everyone I cant get on everday bceuase of work and sports!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

   My diary!!
This might as well be my diary because I tell you people everything!!!lol.So yea Friday was interesting I had so much fun!!!David and I went to the movies and we saw meet the spartans......Ok so the movie stunk but it was fun making fun of it!lol.Thats ironic!haha! Anyways saturday i had a few friends over for dinner and a movie then sandy spent the night and sunday I went to church,out to lunch to the mall and then came home and cleaned the house!!!bleh,let me catch my breathe!lol. Today I don't have any school woot!!A break,I love school but being on block schedule is insane it puts a lot of pressure on you, I have so much work to do!!!Anyway today I am babysitting then I have a music and thatrics meeting to go to, I am now attending the academy for arts and theatrics!!!woot!!It is so hard to get into I usually dont brag but dude!!I am so amazed I can't beleive I actually made the cut!!So how are all of you??My life has gotten quite busy in case you havent noticed from my rant!lol.my band and I have been practitcing someone offered us a drumset for $250,and its in really good condition as well!!So we are talking about how to get the money for it. My voice has gotten a lot better thanks to the new sining coach I got!woot!!! Hold on I need to breathe I am so excited about everything!
Well yes, i am sorry I am not on everyday as I used to be able to do!This schedule has sooo much impact on my life at the moment.My mom said i am going to have to manage my time better if I go to the IB program at Eastside because I do so many sports and my social life is huge so I have to manage school and everything else that i do!Lol.
Advice please!lol.I
?water skii
so yea I do a lot!!!talk to you all later!!
lurve ya!

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey all,
How's it been going?I have had a lot to do recently!!!Ok I'll start with last week, well for one thats when I foun out that taylor still likes me, my band(The fighting penguins) were supposed to practice but Taylor was in Mexico so we couldn't!!!Then Friday night I went to Germany for one of my photoshoots, and right after on sunday i got back late!Like one in the morning! This week the band has been practicing and Taylor forgot some of the lyrics to a song that we wrote and he forgot a chord!!!!Gah!!!!!This weekend I am going to Italy right when I come back I have to go camping!So,this should be interesting,my manager wants me to go more places and model more!blah!I really dont want to though,I have been so tired lately!I recently applied to be a model for Alex Evans, the designer of the heartbreaker clothing line! Tell me whats been going on here that I missed!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

character challange
Angelica sat by the oecan staring into the blue waters, she had been there all afternoon. "I wonder what time it is?" she asked aloud,though there was no one around to hear her it was nice to pretend she lived around people! She reached in her pocket to find the ruby clock chain which her grandmother had given her at birth. "It shall carry you on adventures!"
to be continued...

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

   School and other things
So, sorry I havent been on, I forgot my password and things got screwd up!!sorry!!!!!!Anywyez, today I went to the midevil festival and worked with my friend lilo!!It was amazing!!!!I have to go back tomorrow with shayn!!!so yea, I am going to Loften this year but the aquaculture teacher left so they took aquaculture off the list of academies so I am transferring to a different school next year!woot!!!I'm going to miss seeing Taylor everyday though,he is my boyfriend at the moment, and suprprisingly I think hes going to last, I mean hes amaizing,hes not like any of the other guys i dated and we get along so well and understand eachother without speaking, I mean it feels like there is a connection there that we both feel,and it feels right,I mean its weird but kool at the same time!!
This is a pic of him:
Yea, so how have you all been???We switched classes this semester I have,
english honors 1
algebra 1b
marine biology
I had algebra 1a last semester and both math classes are speperate credits so i wont have to take any math the last year of highschool!!!By the end of this year I'll already have eight credits,unlike most others who only have six!!
I have changed a lot, I have stopped cutting myself, and I actually beleive in god,which I never thought I would do with my whole heart,but its been amaizng walking with him!

I have also began to write songs because I am in my own band, we are the fighting peinguins, our myspace is
so come visit our site!!!!
lurve you all!!

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