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thats the wolfs credo-learn it, live it, and if you want to, draw it!
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

howdie do?
how is everyone?
Sorry i haven't been on much but i think we all have those times. Plus i'm UBER happy because i'm watching TSU-FREAKING-BASA!! is there anything that's NOT on youtube? I've also started reading xxx-holic and thats pretty cool too. But does anywone know what the 3 Xs stand for?
P.S. It stands for Post Script!
P.P.S It adds a p not an s

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Video game SOS
A bunch of my games are all scrtatched up and virtually unplable-the loading screens always freeze up on me! Does anyone now how to fix up a game disc?
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

   let me light up the sky, light it up for you
i am sooo frustrated! i've been trying to draw a pic. for this song forever and a day now and i can't get it right! i mean i know i want a certain character on there(O.C) but other than that i have no idea how to do the layout-i'ts so annoying! i've tried so many different things but none of them look right! I also thought about using The Boudelaires for the pic. You know, from a series of Unfortunate Events. I love that series- I just finished reading The End and it was awesome^^
i love Count Olaf-don't judge me
P.S anyone know what it is their renovating on the site? my total visit count is still at 71 and that can't be right...
P.S.S my playlist isn't working rightTT.TT can all you guys get the songs all right?
P.S.S.S what does P.S. stand for?

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

okay so in fifth grade i had this notorious laugh, no one knows how i developed it but soon everyone knew about it. There were certain things people could do and say to make me laugh for at least 3 minutes straight usually more and it got so out of hand that i was usually on the ground laughing so hard i was crying. But then i learned to use certain techniques to block it out, like focusing on a certain point in the room or reciting the seven sins and seven virtues and the laugh died out but not before a friend of mine nicknamed me Gigglebox. Now, my last class of the day has re-discovered my sensitive funny bone and usually entertain themselves by making me laugh. It's actually pretty cool because i kind of like the laughing-it's good for your health-but i'm wondering if i'll be able to focus on work enough to pass it. Ohhh yeah, i forgot PTC's are next week! i think i got pretty good grades but who knows? wish me luck, i'm going to see if i can find Cardcaptors on the internet.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

masashi kishimoto and other stuff
well, it was bound to happen eventually, i'm a naruto fanTT.TT-why does this upset me? because it happened at the wrong time! i had read the original story in Shonen Jump-first and only copy, can't afford buying one every month-and decided it was all right but i didn't get all fannish about it until i started reading the graphic novels which got me hooked and now i think it'll seem like i just got hooked up on the big-new anime fad!(at least to not-cool people like you guys)oh well-i'm hooked now so ohwell. i really like reading the history of masashi kishimoto sections in the books, it's very interesting to see how the TV show F*?$d it up. sorry i haven't been on much but hopefully that will all change soon! my parents are finally discussing going around to find a decent internet provider! i'll check up on you guys right now!
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