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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hello,yeah everytime I say I'm going to be back I never am!!
well how have all of you been?? Good I hope!!

I've been a rather busy woman!!
my meme(my grandmother) has to go to the hospital twice a week to get blood drawn and get her blood count checked since she keeps losing blood and the doctors have no clue as to why she loses soooo much blood!!
she's had over 60 pints of blood pumped into her body these past few months and everytime they think they've found the cause it turns out that it wasn't the cause and she's getting fed up with doctors!!
so I drive her to hospital and anywhere else she needs to go,because she doesn't like my papa(my grandfather) to take her to the doctor because he basically threatens the docotors which doesn't help and it stresses my meme out which isn't good either so I take her!!
the last time I took her to the doctor we sat there and they told her she had to start going to the hospital to have her blood drawn and blood count checked because their machines wouldn't read her blood...why it won't read her blood they didn't give us a reason...maybe it has to do with the number of transfusions that she has had,I don't know I'm no doctor!!
well after they told us that they called her back and the physicians assistent came in and took a look at her and she asked him a question and he told her that any questions she had to ask the doctor when he came in....well the doctor comes in outs his hand on her shoulder and asked her if she felt heathly and she said no and he was like oh ok and signed a paper and left and she didn't even get to ask him a question...personally I find that messed up,he was in the room for less than 2 minutes....the only thing he did was ask if she felt healthy and signed a paper and left,thats it!!
she seems to be doing better shes not as pale,but I can see as how this would be upsetting!! I was annoyed with the doctor that day just becasue the PA told her to save her questions for the doctor and he when he came in the door he was going out the door just as fast as he came in!!
my grandmother had leukemia and she survived that and now this!!

sorry for the rant,but I find this frustrating!!

in other news I'm trying to find me a new apartment,but trying to find a place where I can keep my kitties is a task in itself!!
I'll speak more of this in my next post!!
well I'm take care and have fun!!TTYL!!HUGS!!^_^

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   *computer is on the fritz*

Hello,it's been a while since my last post!!
I've been good,but my computer is on the fritz and I can't fix it so I'm trying to money to get it fixed!! sometimes it won't start up properly and when it does start up you can't do anything because none of the windows will open...they show up on the task bar but when you try to open them they just fly away and disappear!!>_>
I'm using my moms computer right now,but I miss mine!!
I hope to have it fixed soon!!

since I can't use my computer I've been playing alot of video games...I'm currently playing persona 3,which has to be the longest game I've ever played..I have over 88 hours of gameplay and still haven't beat it..it's a good game though!! all the cutscenes are anime style and the gameplay is nice...you take on the role as a highschool student oh and did I mention the game is set in japan and you have a power called persona which you use to defeat the shadows...the shadows are creatures who appear during the dark hour (a time which now one is aware of) and attack humans!!
to activate your persona you shoot yourself in the head with an evoker which looks like a gun and than you kick the shadows butt...all and all I like the game,so I would recommend it,but keep in mind it is a rather long game!!^_^

after I beat persona 3 I'm going to play rule of rose and I've been playing halo 3 with my friends online at night so I've been playing lots of video games..I also have tales of symphonia which I really want to play so I'll probably play that as well(it has over 80 hours of gameplay so that should keep me busy)!!

I haven't really been up to much and I'm now 24 years old..I had 2 people (my sister and a friend of mine who are both younger than me) say god your old and all I have to say is with age comes wisdom!!^_^

I hope you all have been doing well..I miss the otaku and I hope to get my computer fixed(it's in purgatory) and when I do I'll be back back!!^_^

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