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Thursday, December 30, 2010

   Good bye everyone! Merry christmas and Happy new year for the last time!

Everyone says:Bored? Read the post if you are!
Well...to all of my myotaku friends...I have decided to come back...I now have a job at Dunkin donuts! I have had it for almost 2 years now....I want a better one but this will suite me until I can find a better job in this economy (it sucks big time!) I am still a anime fan!

Merry Christmas everyone!! and a Happy new years!! I had a wonderful christmas and I got a lot of stuff including a new entertainment center!! I am so happy! I am also getting a Psp! I got a new tv too! I have a cat of my own now! His name is Phideaux and he is so adorable!! He is getting fat though so I am monitoring his food. I have had him for a year! I also got a new stereo that I can hook my mp3 player to! I love it! I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas this year!

This is my final post on myotaku!!I hope that I have not caused too much grief on everyone by announcing this! I also hope everyone has a lot of years of great fortune and happiness to come!! I will also say goodbye to my friends on here! I will only name a couple though!

Brittyb13- I know thats your aim but I forgot your name on here...bye and It was nice having your comments on here..I hope to talk to you on aim some time!

Lord Sesshomaru- Goodbye my friend it was really a pleasure!

Magnus Lensherr- good bye my friend!

Naruto27311- Good bye and I doubt u will have the chance to see this my cousin...I really do miss you and I can't wait to go down to mem's to see you and get my psp!

To my sisters on here and everyone else! You are all wonderful people and I know this is a terribly long post!

Ichigo says:Do I really have to say what to do?

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