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Thursday, November 13, 2008

   If you want something done, stab everyone else and then do it yourself!
I'm teribly aggravated to the extent that I would happily eradicate a few bodies from existence, but sadly, I have to follow the laws to stay free. *sighs*
Stupid fucking anime club isn't going anywhere. It got to the point where today I got pissed off and went home. Yes, I am highly strung, but if the only members are going to play wirelessly on the DS with the stupid 'Animal Crossing' instead of watching the anime that I paid for for them to watch, then fuck them, I'll kick them out and find some better members.
Onwards and upwards with a lower blood pressure, I got some anime! W00t! They were cheap. I got the 'Samurai X' box set and 'Zaion' volume one, and the box set of 'Gunslinger girl'. The anime is supposed to finish like any other episode, but I thought it was good, and if it's not, I only spent 17 on the three DVDs *shrugs*

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