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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The cold! The cold!
Well, England does not have snow, it just bloody well rains, and this event happens all-year-long! So great. It rained Saturday, and it rained Sunday as well, that evil fine rain was prevalent too.
Onwards anyway, I had a nice little 'weekend' of culture! I went to 4 museums, two each on Friday and Saturday, quite nice trips as well in themselves, but on Friday, I wasn't feeling so hot. I went to a Philosophy conference, which felt like being at university, which was grand as I'm going to be studying Philosophy with English next year, so that is my life for the next 3 years! The last session, 'The problem of Evil' was brilliant, and inspired my apathetic stagnant mind. I went to the Southbank, which is the South side of London which faces the Thames- the river which made London the capital of England and even the UK. I bought my tickets for 'A street car named Desire' which I've been watching in class, but no one pays attention, and the sound is so low that I can't hear Marlon Brando mumbling.
I then walked along the stretch of the bank to the Tate Modern, utterly despairing because I didn't have a camera to capture the sights of Big Ben, Parliament, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the setting sky behind it. I went to the place, wandered around to my favourite part, the surrealistic movement, which is nice to look at, but sometimes pointless. I then went downstairs to buy two badges, which I get a 20% discount for being in this Tate association which I haven't gone to for a year now! >.< Hey! I never used it before when I was there, so I'm using it now!
Then I caught the 'Tate Boat' which takes you from Tate Modern to the Tate Britain, as they're about 30 mins from each other, and on the opposite side of the river. I got on it for free because if my card. It's next to the Globe theatre, which I have never been into. It was a nice view, and I saw the London Eye that had different coloured lights on it, changing colours in a circular motion.
I got to the Tate Britain at 5pm, well, Big Ben told me it was so, and I saw the Francis Bacon exhibition, because I never understood how the Tate staff could call him so prolific and amazing. His work is based on the fact that he is an atheist, and the body is just meat, often bodies trapped in boxes, which are more like cages. It was interesting to me as it was in-line with the problem of evil. The stuff was obscure but remarkable in what it represented, and that was what I liked as opposed to the actual subject matter itself.

I also saw the Turner Prize. I was sorely disappointed. I couldn't remember why I didn't see it last year, but I know why, it was in Liverpool, and not London. I know that it's modern art, so the 'old-school' concept of 'art' has been thrown out the window.
However, as an arts lover, I was glad that I really didn't have to pay for it. I had a tension headache, but made myself watch all the videos made by the artists; there are 4, and 3 made videos. I was anoyed at the lack of substance or meaning they had. I am not saying that I do not believe 'art for art's sake', but should that really detract from what it was as a medium? Ugh, I was just glad that the bacon exhibition had buffered my annoyance, and I was hungry by then, for I had sat around in dark rooms tired for so long! There was no info on who half of the artists were, so there was nothing to accentuate my understanding, nor detract, and that was my main bugbear. I just love how the older people in the exhibitions (yes, I mean the middle-aged middle-classes who were philosophising the art, giving it a meaning, a depth, as if it was their personal baby who they let out into the world!). I'm speaking from being the only black under-18 girl there. Not far from the demographic, am I?

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