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Monday, April 7, 2008

The good old hurting scheme
I'm getting pretty sick of people oozing. I know that we are human, and by neing in any kind of realtionahip means that that person is going to ooze on you, but sometimes you just don't want it. It makes me want to cry when I see people slowly falling apart, and losing control, so they use means of food, but it just hurts. Hurts to see these people slowly throwing themselves at the small piece of affection and kindness they feel, for that kind of relationship formed and based upon that person's low self- esteem is NOT going to work! *shakes head and keeps back the tears* There's this poem by Carol Ann Duffy, and the chracter, 'Mrs Quasimodo' is so pathetically weak, and I think you have to build that resolve and strength by yourself; it won't be handed to you willy-nilly. I would know. I've gone through all those motions, and I still feel weak at this moment, but I owe it to myself that I do not fall into that hopelessly unfounded commitment. I've prevented it, and I shall, for it will only end up in both parties' tears.
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