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Yo. I'm Haze. :3
I'm a furry/exorcist, and a member of a cool little club called the Dream Realm. >:3

I'm best friends with the owner of the club, Rei Saga. But uh, here's a bit about me;

Name: Haze Balfaltin
Age: 15
Gender: DR -- Male//Real Life -- Female x3
Species: Fox, with the exception of my white panther personality, though I'm mostly a fox to begin with. What can I say? I'm a fox of many species. >:3
Abilities: Anti-Akuma Weaponry weilding ability/ Sharingan
Family: Akito Balfaltin (Older Brother) and Daisuke Balfaltin (Little Brother)

Haze's parents died about 7 years ago, and he grew up in an orphanage with his brothers until last summer, when he was old enough to venture out on his own.
Because of his book-fetish, he's become some-what of a little genius. He takes alot of the characteristics of his crush in the popular manga, Death Note. Near and Mello are two of his crushes that are from that manga, so it's kind of obvious where he gets his antics and personality flaws. Don't question his beliefs, because he'll bring back a steaming pile of knowledge to make you nosebleed until your head implodes.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Grimmjoooooooow ;'D

Heck yes. I've gotten into Grimmjow's files, seeing as my page is totally Grimmjow-fied and such.

I dunno. He's evil, but with attitude and sexyfulness. What else is there to say? ;o

Aaaanyway, I've been working on my pic for Haze, and now it's up thar. *points up to her about me crap*
Yup. No changes. Nada. Nothing.

Alrighty, talk to you all sometime later. Gotta get my art in my art shop done on gaia. :3

Nyoro-n~ <3

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Friday, July 6, 2007


I got all into a Lavi-love mood. He's so cooooo'. <3

But other than that, I finally came up with my final form in the DR. So, Rei, I'm sorry, but this is the LAAAAST ONE. No more from me. Not even changin' the name or a hair on his wittle head. Yes, he's a boy. His name is Haze Balfaltin, age 15, with a major Lavi obsession. He's pretty into what he does; playing with his scythe. ;3

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Monday, June 25, 2007

   La la la..
I'm in a song-singing mood. :3
Not sure why..ah, yeah. AH WELL. >:3
I've had a surprisingly well week.
Could have been better, but it's mostly dull detail.
Anyway, I dunno but I've been drawing more lately.
Probably because I've been in artist block period for about a month. So, the skillz came back. ;D
Bwuahaha. I've got like..nothing to say. I was just wicked bored and wanted to post up a post to update my site. >;3 Either way, I updated. :'D
Ciao fo' now~^o^

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