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This is a club, opened to all MyOtaku members, Due to its large growth of members, it was now created into an account here. If you wish to join, please follow the rules at the bottom:

  • Either, PM or sign the guestbook saying you want to join
  • By joinin, you are to post a banner from the site and post it on your site.
  • Add us to your friends list, to keep on the look out for updates.
  • PM Inbox and Guestbook are only open for joining entries, signatures that aren't of that nature will be deleted.

    Sunday, March 4, 2007

    New Banners!
    Hello all, I've got some new banners for you to take. I still haven't gotten around to delete those on the main site, and still wondering how I'm gonna work that out.

    Right click to get the URL and post it on your site! I got some more banners from Azn Gurl but photobucket's being a bum, gonna add those later today or tomorrow.

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    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    Alright, it's exactly about 20 days, this coming up week is 25, and so the list will be updated. So far, we have: WaterDragon64, Fallen Angel101, briar rose90, icefang, raya226, AnimeGrl 101, Shishou, LAURA-CHAN, Silent Light, AJaganshi, miharu_ichikawa, midnightgirl, Anne Hijme, BNCF Shadow star, InuYasha Fan009, kittykatangel, Kyo krazy, lady-Ayumi903, Freako, silver dragon, CDandDVD, Maiden of life, Sailor Venus, Azn Gurl, Unknown Rumors, Kawaii Presea, DiceMaster, Night shade2, DarkWolves Faith and banzaiinu1

    We've still got quite the list ^__^;;
    Anywho, still accepting PM's and should be posting our first real post soon enough!
    And I'm gonna remake all banners for this club, well some of them so I'll let you all know about it too.

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    Monday, February 5, 2007

    Okay, this club is finally brought to theO, which is good, since we've got ALOT of members now. Anyway, Newsletter should be sent by tonight. Let's see how this goes for now.

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