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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random stuff, Movies, and Sunburn!!
HI, I can't wait until the new Pirates of the Carribean
movie comes out. I LOVE Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp,
almost as much as I like anime. What other movies do you
like? or what movies have or do you want to see? I wanted
to see The Pink Panther, Hoodwinked, Over The Hedge, and
Cars, but my mom wouldn't take me. She wouldn't even drop
me off at the movie theater. But I know she's definitly going to
take us to Pirates of the Carribean and the new Harry Potter
movie when it comes out.

I got a sunburn at band camp by just walking around.
My face hurts and so do my arms....Right now i'm
watching Montel and in a minute High School Stories
is going to come on. it's a show where they have
High School students tell you about pranks they pulled
on their schools. They showed this one where some
seniors built a giant purple bunny full of cement in the
front lawn of the school. They had to rent a fork lift thing
just to get it off. Then the students who did the prank
made posters that had pictures of the bunny and said
"remember the bunny" and then they nailed another bunny
to the roof, this time they only did the head because
they didn't want to build a whole new one again. They
put purple signs saying "remember the BHS Bunny"
and "The BHS Bunny is Back" This time one of them
got in trouble because they found out that the wood used
in the bunny was leftover from their theater departments
and one of the guys who was involved in the prank was the
only one who had acess to that department and stuff.
He got a 3 day suppensioin and had to pay some money
but he didn't give any names of the other people who
did it so he's a pretty good friend. I like that show.....


I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. My sister
keeps insulting me every time she opens her mouth, and
my feet still stick out of my bed!! I can't get a bigger bed
because 1) too expensive, and 2) there wouldn't be enough
room for it. I'm only 5 foot 11 inches. I'm not that tall, right??......


never mind, But still, my bed is too short for me,
I have to share a room with my sister and we have
twin matresses. They aren't that big....

My sister got her tonsils out today, I just talked to
her on the phone. She's in recovery right now and
my mom said she'd be home any minute. I'm hungry
.....I wonder if it would be okay if I cooked some ravioli....
N E Ways, I got my tonsils out in the 4th grade so I can't
get them out again....Or can I?......

My glasses are crooked, I bent them on accident
yesterday and I thought it was a dream until I put
them on this morning. Now everything is kind of magnified
and weird looking. N E ways, I'm gonna stop here, My
computer is vey slow, and I got tired of waiting for it to load
so I took a shower.

ttyl, I'll try to visit your sites d^^b

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