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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks for the support! the speech was okay, I got a 90 =D There were a few excellent speakers in that class. There was one kid who did a 15 minute speech (I had no idea what it was about, arm guns or something) but he was a stone statue. He didn't move, didn't look up, just read it in a soft, monotone, boring voice. I wanted to go to sleep. The kid behind me fell asleep and started snoring LOL poor guy. Right at the end of the day the teacher said we need to find a different topic to do another speech on. *cries* I'm out of ideas. I'm too tired to think.

I'm alot better at drawing now, when I was looking at my art(on MyO) the other day. I haven't posted any recent drawings since 06. I'm better now *smug* I should see and try to get my scanner to work and start uploading more recent pics.

I started to draw by copying pictures, especially anime. When I was little people thought I was really good and naturally talented(cause I didn't tell them I just copied it off of an anime or whatever *smirk*) But I'm trying to do it on my own and i'm not bad at it. I try to learn from my mistakes, that's the only way to live. But I do think taking an art class, or at least trying it in the future will give me another perspective on art. It wouldn't hurt.

I applied for a job yesterday!! I hope I hear from them. It's a part time retail job. =p shouldn't be too hard.

that's all I can think of now, Have a great Tuesday/Wednsday!
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