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Sunday, June 22, 2008

So How is everyone?
I mowed the lawn this morning and think I stepped in (several) piles of dog poo, cause i smell really bad

I hope I get paid for it, I need a job, but I don't have a car of which I need to get to a job and no money to buy a car with. But I need a job to get the money, but no car without the money so it's pretty much pointless *sob*

I'm taking summer school (speech) just so I can get it out of the way. In Texas, they require us to take 2 years of another language, speech, health, BCIS, Government and 2 years of a P.E. credit. I can't do all that in four years plus the extra curricular activities I want to do! I'd have to give up band and theater in order to graduate so i'm taking summer school for the next two years to get classes out of the way (I'm glad I took Health in the 8th grade)

But Unfortuantely I have to write a speech that's due tomorrow T.T I don't want to do it! But I have too. I don't even know what i'm going to do it on. Probably about the internet and how it can be "bad" for you (internet addicts, online predators, gambling, there's alot of stuff) but I can't get myself to do it...*sigh* I hate talking in front of people. (there are 50 kids in my summer school class so that doesn't help)

I've also wanted to start drawing again, I stopped for a while (probably since I left the otaku o.0) and i don't know why. But I was looking through some of the art I submitted about 2 to 3 years ago (some of it very bad) and I read this one comment. it said "... it lacks dimension. You should look into perspective drawings. Take art 1. they teach it to you. if your really into art you should try taking classes. You have quite a potential here." I guess now i'm and okay drawer considering i've never had an art lesson in my life. My sister takes all the art classes, TimTwins13. I'd like to take an art class I guess, i have no idea what i'll do in there. But if there's an empty space in my schedule and I don't know what to do with it (like that'll ever happen) I guess I'll take art. Or hopefully someday I can take an art class when i'm in college or something. But that'd be cool

So much to talk about, alot happend while I was gone....oh well, i'd better "research" the internet >=3 and write that speech.

ttyl, Have a great day

P.S. I haven't been on in a while (obviously) what in the heck are worlds? =)
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