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I welcome guests and I serve oro-sama (he's my father) lol. I'm an emotional, poetic, individual, person. I LOVE emo boys, I also love manga/anime, and anything japanese, I love music it lets you express yourself in many ways. I also respect any art form, and I am an artist myself. I've been called emo, I've been called gothic, I've been called a lesbian (I'm straight though), I've been called a whore, I've been called many things but I really don't care and I will continue to express my self.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Im thinking about changing my os's names because I looked up alot of new Japanese names and they are better.

Tsubasa oc
Miyuki= silence of the deep snow.
Fuyuko= child of winter.

well I dont have any 4 my other oc's yet but I'll find them.
ok I've decided on Miyuki 4 my tsubasa oc but people can still call her yuki.
oh and for those who know about onimaru(only about 2 ppl know about him) Im either changing his name to
yukio= snow boy.
Tsughi= second born child.
well 4 those who don't know (everybody) he has a brother either named
Hatsu= first born.
Hideko= superior child.
Isis= worthy.
Im not sure yet tell me witch one you think it should be.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   ANIME~ tastic
OH I started reading this anime called Ouran Highschool Host club and so far it's really good
me and my friends are all reading it! if you've read it dont tell me anything inportant I'm only on the beggining of the 2nd book well BYEZ~

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ahhhhh in 11 minututes I'll be 12 at 12:12 I cant wait I've been posting alot lately probably because of the holidays!
Ahhh now its 10 minutes Im going to keep writing till I'm 12
AAhhh 9 minutes YAY!!!! I cant wait.
8 minutes!!!!!
7 minutes!!!!!!
this is taking too long
6 minutes
5 minutes!!!!!!!
4 minutes!!!!!!
3!!!!!! MINUTES!!!!!
2 minutes!!!!!
it's 12:10 I'm going to be 12 at 12:12
AAAHHHH!!!!!! 1 minute!!!!!
I'M 12!!!!!!!!
and my family just killed me with 4 cans of silly string!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

it kinda' sux having abirthday right after christmas though cause' no one has any freakin' money left!

oh well I'm still happy!I think I know what I'm getting though but u can never be sure! =^.^=

And you know the coolest part is that I'm going to be 12, on the 12 month, at 12:12 AM, and when i was born I was 6 pounds and 6 ounces, which equals 12!!!!!!! OMG that is cool! well
Bye Bye!~

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


well I had a great christmas I'm overly happy!
well I got....
1. A 4gb video Ipod
2. A and Ipod docking station thats also a stereo and cd player and a clock
3. A dragon incense burner with purple incense.
4. AND alot of books!
5. a wonderful Sake set!
6. The Linkin Park Minutes to midnight cd (with a necklace.

ummmm I think thats it but I'm happy!
How was ur Christmas?

Oh and just a funny fact
My sister LinkinParkAddict has these disks to learn Japanese. And they taught her how to say "I want Beer" "I want Sake" and "I want to drink sake/beer." it's really funny!

And here's some funny qoutes!

"Barrak Obama is like a frapacino"
"if Sasuke was a cupcake he'd be an evil little cupcake"

I have sand man stuck in my head, and Simple and clean, and Shadow of the day, and Sancuary.
Yep me and my sister stayed up till midnight last night singing those songs and talking it was really fun!

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