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I -- am insane. Well, not really, obviously, but close. I...obsessive. VERY obsessive. When did this start? Well, I was four years old, sitting on the couch at my grandma's house...and there was anime on the TV... Actually, you probably don't really give a care...So I'll shut up.

I write too much fanfiction. I've got 30 fics for Digimon, and even more for FMA. That should tell you all you need to know about me. Enjoy my insanity!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Digimon Savers!!!
Happy Halloween, everybody! And Happy Samhain to my fellow pagans! I geeked out last night over Digimon Savers, the fifth season of Digimon: Digital Monsters. Joy! I'm putting the first episode here, in case anyone's interested...

It's in three parts, Japanese with English subs.




But, yeah, anyway... Due to having found this after three years or so of waiting, I didn't...actually sleep last night. I'm ridiculously tired, but... Watching more. Lol. Yay for the bad health habits of Otaku! *sits like a bump on a log* And yet I still weigh less than 100 lbs... Thank you, metabolism!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hate me, just don't hurt me
Oh wow...! In less than an hour, I'll be heading out the door to attend my first international anime convention ever...! To say I'm excited would be a lie. I'm so far beyond excited that there aren't graphs big enough to chart what I'm feeling!

I am, most unfortunately, unprepared to cosplay, due to having been invited just last night, but I do have on a Fullmetal Alchemsit shirt, and I may wear my Fox-ears hat I bought at JAFAX in June... I imagine I'll tell you all about it later, so for now I must away to prepare for the otaku-y goodness yet to come.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

   Life takes its toll -- Please have exact change.
I'm psychotic.

Tis... 11:27 PM here, and... I'm tired?

What the bloody hell. It's not even half eleven. I think I must be ill.

And British. Does that have two T's in it...? Brittish? My English (Yingwen) has started to fall by the wayside. I'm so...so tired. I hate my host family.

If Nainai (grandmother) is able to fly to the other side of the country on her own, why were they all insisting I BABYSIT her? Letting her use my arm to brace herself, taking tiny steps to match her feeble shuffling.

But she can fly to Taichung from Taipei. I'm even more affronted, if she took the bloody MRT, because those things aren't easy to use. Especially if you move at the speed Nainai does. Which is "hardly at all."


On the plus side, I've passed the half-way point in my original novel I'm writing. yay. I killed off one of the main characters (HE HAD TO DIE!! THERE WAS NO WAY AROUND IT!! *consumed by guilt*), and now I'm...moping. Or stalling. Anyway, I'm forcing myself to get back on it tomorrow. I'm going to buy a new notebook for background information -- my old one got filled up. I now have two entire notebooks filled with this story. One for details, one for actually story.

Did you know that when you disect the word "Disaster" it means Death Star? Aster = Star and and think Dis = death. But, then again, maybe it meant "Destroy", so who knows. I forget. My Latin is really awful. ^^ I think I know about as much Irish Gaelic as I do Latin, though, so that's kinda cool. I recognize a good bit of Latin, but...just not right now. Too asleep, that I am.

Which my fucking host dad would go to sleep... I'm too paranoid to fall asleep until he does. Stupid ninja instincts. I'M A SAMURAI, DAMN IT!! I have a strong sense of duty and a strict code to fucking follow! I am NOT A PARANOID NINJA BRAT!!

Bloody hell... I'm a Slytherin.

*sooooo sleepy*

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Monday, September 18, 2006

OMG, it's like Naruto brought to life!!! I <3 this so completely...

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cosplay makes me squee...

There's the magazine -- wo de pengyou, atashi no dachi, remind me to send some back for you to look at -- called CosMania. I don't know if it's in the States or not, but it's full of cosplaying tips, and pictures of amazing costumes. There were wig tips and makeup tips in there -- and hair gel tips. As in, "How do anime characters keep their hair in such amazing shapes? We'll show you!" I died happy.

I was cosplaying the other night, unofficially, mind you. You see, my school uniform has many different parts to it (MY SCHOOL UNIFORM, OMG SQUEE!!!), and several -- the shorts for gym, and the blazer -- reminded me of some of the clothes seen in Digimon 01 and 02.

I AM IZUMI KOUSHIRO. That's Izzy Izumi, to those unenlightened folk. With a lot of hair gel or hairspray, and the yellow gloves, my transformation would be complete! Well, to all outward appearences... There's that issue of gender, but cosplay is all about pretend, anyway, ne? But, yeah. The shorts look like his in the first season, and I have a shirt a lot like the one he wears (if I'm picturing is right, that is...) and I have my precious laptop *kisses said laptop*, and I can always force my brother to dress up like Tentomon! I'm sure I can...he's three. Who's to stop me? *evil* The other costume, would be either Taichi's or Yamato's, since they're the same. Matt's would be easier because I'd only have to buy a wig (and most likely style it myself), rather than deal with Tai's mess of hair gel. Though, with practice I'm almost certain I could achieve that look without a wig... But see, my uniform is the same exact green as theirs. So it's super easy, minus the hair issue!

OMG! Squeeness!! I bought Naruto Vol. 34 a few days ago!!

Hate me, I beg of you, hate me!!! *evil laughter* You do, don't you?

Let's see... Well, it's in Chinese, but I know quite a few of the characters. What I don't know I can learn, and then I'm accomplishing something and having fun at the same time. (My parents will be so pleased.... (--_--)") And OMG, Timeskip!Sasuke makes my inner fangirl's heart skip a beat! His shirt was hanging open, and he had a sword. You'd die too, so don't judge me! So angsty, so emo, so hott... I didn't say anything.



I'm so hyper today, it's ridiculous... I ran around in the rain all morning (picking up trash for Rotary, but whatever)up and then down a mountain. It was such an awesome view from the top! And then I took a four hour nap. I'm still sleepy, but there's Slash Fiction calling to me to come read, so I'm going to...

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