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Thursday, November 22, 2007

IT'S a fucking Blizzard outside.

Which makes me laugh! because as early as last Monday, there wasn'T a single drop of snow on the ground. Then BAM! I wake up thuesday and it's full of snow EVERYWHERE! Usually, Winter start up gradually and very late. Like in this period of November we would start to have some snowflakes from time to time for a little period of like one or 2 hours, and they would melt as soon as they touch the ground, then we would start to have fake snowfalls in december where there'S a small layer of snow from days to days and it would melt the following day. and then in January, if we're lucky, it would start to snow for real, but now, it just happened so fast and suddently. it's maybe the first time in almost 3-4 years that Winter starts so early!
So yeah. there's at least 30 cm of snow outside and it's going to snow for the rest of the weekend as well. Time for some winter sports!

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