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Hi, I'm welcome you. I'm Olyapka, a shaggy animefan!!! I like to swim a lot, because I'm a fish, tropical fish, poisonos for my enemies and very kind and merry for my friends!!!
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   Happy New Year!
I know,it`s too late,but I hadn`t time to congratulate you all,so I`m doing it now!^_^ Please,don`t forget me at all!!!
In 2008 year I wish you a lot of happy and lovely moments! As many as you want!^_^
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Friday, November 2, 2007

   I`m going to Egypt!
Hello,everyone! Hope,you still remember me! If not...it`s sad...
Tomorrow I`m going to Egypt!!!Yo! It will be my 5th time in this country. I`m going to dive and relax! I wish you relax too!
have a good day!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   How are you?
Hi, my friends and everybody who still remember me!
How are you? I`m OK, studying in my new school, everything is cool...but I`m too tired in the evening to visit your sites! Forgive me,please!
Today I was at my grandfather`s home and met with my relatives from my mom`s side. They are so funny! Hehe...
So,I`m still tired and I wish you all great day! Hope, I write more often!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

   Two weeks in my new school
Hi,my friends! How are you? How is the weather? In Moscow - rain, but I love rain...water is going from the sky...
And how is your school? This two weeks are first in my new school. School is beautiful and warm,teachers very kind, never scream on us, but there aren`t so many people to scream on them...hehe...for examle in our class are 5 pupils. Me and 4 guys!LOL! But I didn`t talk with one of them Oleg. He is stulid.But me, Gleb,Artem and Sasha are always together, help to each other.Artem is cool artist, Sasha is ringleader, Gleb is object for stupid and funny words, because he loves garbels and another hamsters and I am "brains,honest and conscience" of our company! I have some photos so I can show them to you:
Artem:Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
And Gleb(stupid face):
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Have a good day!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

   School begins
Hi,my dear friends! Tomorrow is the 1st of September, and that means that next school year begins...summer`s finished...T_T that`s pity...no sun,no lazy days,no village...till next summer...Ok,no more sad words! I`m optimist! I`ll have weekends, vacations,holidays...
Oh,I`ve changed school! Now I will study in private school "Heir". I`ll learn from 9am till 6pm, but I`ll not have homework! And probably I`ll swim in pool!I want to swim...
If my posts too long for you, just tell me!
Have a happy day!

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