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im back, as some may have noticed. ive been gone for a couple months. here's a little about myself:
im female...of course. my name is kari. i am artistic...in many ways. i paint. i draw. i sing. i dream. i laugh. i love. i live. i like boys. a lot. i like God/Jesus. a lot. i like movies. except the scary kind. i want to be a killer whale trainer at sea world. i love animals. i love my family. i love my friends. i love making people happy. and i love making them laugh. i love reading. when its something i like. im waiting for marriage. if you would like to talk just email me at isiamniab616@aim.com or IM me at isiamniab616.
i also have a myspace if u wanna add me on there. tell me who you are so i know who im adding. well its: www.myspace.com/black_ladders_help_me
this is me:

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This is to certify that
William Moseley & scene616
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January 15, 2007
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Monday, January 29, 2007

today was exceptionally good. i watched a full season of friends...season 9. it was a good one. and then i did the dishes...then i cleaned out a bunch of crap in my room. and i STILL dont have any room for my stuff. im so glad we're finally getting rid of all my stepdad's tshirts in the other half of my closet. i swear he had at least 150 in there. now i will finally have room. umm...and then i ate dinner...amazing as always. i had pork something with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob...my stepdad keeps a lot of tshirts but he cooks sooooo awesome. and then i did the dishes...again. grrr. and then i came onto the computer and im still here. tomorrow i start my new semester. i hope my first two classes werent as boring as last semester. and i totally forgot what else i was gonna say. i guess i will end it here. goodnight to all!!
óż Oceania xoxoxox

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

last night
was super fun. i went to the movies with my good friends and we saw epic movie. after the movie we went to this cool boardshop and one of the guys who worked there was hitting on me and he was soooo hot. and then we went to the local mall which really sucks but we were really bored. and there was a lingerie store and we went inside and took a picture of me with the sexiest outfit in there and sent it to my friend ryan...he's gonna laugh so hard. and i hope his girlfriend doesnt see it. we all pretend [even ryan] that he's my baby's daddy. so, today is my niece's bday party and she'll be 2. yay!! she's sooo cute. and then tomorrow is her real bday and my friend scotty's bday. and i think im gonna make him some chocolate chip cookies cause he LOVES them. so yeah, thats about it. have fun today!!
óż Oceania xoxoxoxox

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