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Hello! I'm Obscure Dream, but you can call me Kage, Lugretta, or Kurai. Cx

I'm the shy, cautious type of person. But once I'm around some friends, I can get very hyper and talkative. xD;

I love to make people smile and help people out. Don't hesitate to ask me for anything. ;D

Well, that's probably the best summary for an introduction I can come up with. >o>;

Interesting requests, fanart, and comments/votes make me very, very happy. x'D

Friday, August 10, 2007


I finally got that Takun pic finished -.-'
I was having trouble finding motivation to do so. D:>
Now on to finish other pics. >:B
(I say that, but I'll probably just drift over to reading Eclipse owo; Or make a wallpaper. I haven't done that yet. Looks fun to to >D).

School's coming up D':
High school freshman .__.;
I'll now get busy with something actually productive ToT Oh, the inhumanity. Ha, manity. Like manatee. *Easily amused*

Ooooohhhh weeeelll... I gots a cheeto. Yay.

Now I go. I've run outta random things to say (surprisingly enough).
Bai bai fer now.

▬od ♥

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