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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

   so long
ah my dear godessofhatred, there still not a day that i dont think of you, it seems like life has torn us apart, and with my knowledge know i know why, but it will never change the fact that i probably will never stop loving you, this post is to you darling, i wish you all the happiness in the world, that everything is exactly as you want it, and with this post on this site that begun the beginning of one of the most beautiful relationships that i will ever forget, i say goodbye since this seems like the most appropriate place to say it.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

i feel so sad i brought this on my self yet i feel so sad, i am such an idiot sometimes

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

k so first this is how it begins from my previous posts i met this girl her name is teal and i have liked for like 3 years and she is so great and everything, i never thought i would get her so i din't even bother, i just moved on and tryed to see other girls, then all of the suddent she goes out with this guy dumps him and tell me that she likes me, i was so happy i had never wanted a girl more then this one so were together and i am like super happy, then the girl i went to prom with, hali is having a rough day and refuses to smile and i am compelled to help i did not think it would be the right thing but i did it never the less, there was some feeling the i could never understand when i was around her, then she tells me she likes me, and i know i have a gf but shes my friend so we go and hang out and I FREAKIN KISS HER i did not mean to and it made me realize that i like her so much, that since the day that i met her at prom i have liked her that those feeling have allways been there but i never wanted to do anything about them because she had a boyfriend who she is like in love with and if that did not make matters worst i just CHEATED on my girlfriend, but the problem is that yes is could have tried to move on, tell my girlfriend and see if she would forgive me, but i dont want her i want hali i dont care about teal all she did was mistreat me, talk about other guys, while hali was with me to listen to me, but know teal is falling for me for real, and i cant stop thinking about hali, i cant stop thinking of how much i want to grab her and kiss her tell her how much she means to me that I FUCKING LOVE HER, but the true problem lies here, she still cares about her ex, they are taking a break, but she really does care about me, so i am obligated to stay with my girlfriend, i am sorry for writing this but i am just so stressed and nobody is on my otaku anymore, anyways if someone does read this i dont know what to do, i really need help.
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