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dearest inu yasha
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hey all!!
I'm Novatone and i looovvee inu yasha!! I don't want to marry him or anything though ^-^ just be his BEST FRIEND!!
I love all the characters in Inu yasha and how they all have unique personalities
Miroku isn't justa pervert you guys!! he's nice and caring not to mention funny ^-^

border="0" alt="I adopted an Inuyasha plushie from Suta-raito.com!">

border="0" alt="I adopted a human Inuyasha plushie from Suta-raito.com!">

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Grab my hand and hold on when i fail and go into darkness

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Hey all,

Sry 4 not writing for so long, but I'm soooooo busy!!


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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hey all,
i went to an audition to get into this acting/model agency with my bro...and we made it!! So we had to pay like $1750 each and sign a contract, so we are now waiting for an auditon there to go to New York or L.A. Cool? i thought so. I must be a good actor or model ^_^ if i ever get a commerical i'll tell you all so you can see what i look like!!
i have the day off so I'm gonna just browse sites. Well, see ya all laters!!

ps..didn't get caught yet MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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