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Hey ppl. this site dosn't work very well for me any more. i made a new one. go to the Dark Knight Ian site on my friends list. thats my real one

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

i just randomly came back to my old site (this one) to check if it worked, and it did! now i got two working sites! but for now i'll stay with the new one, Dark Knight Ian! So continue redirecting to Dark Knight Ian's site. its on my friends list.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

comp is still bein an @$$H0!3
hmm...maybe its my acount. i'll check into that. anywho, last day of summer band was today, and it was great! we finished the first part of our show before school started! something our highschool has never done before!
and we got burgers. well everyone else did, my fell before i could start eating it. but the lemonade was good!

hmmm wat else, o yea. Saw Dukes of Hazards yesterday w/ some friends. funny $H1t.

well i'm gunna go see if maybe it was my site that was bein the @$$H0!3. L8rz.


Tuesday, August 9, 2005

comps being an @$$ again.
any way, my answer. i went after the dog and got about 15 mesquito bites on each arm.

also i just saw the premier of the music video for Green Day's When Septermber Ends. the message of the American Idiot soundtrack is starting to come together now that i'v seen the American Idiot, Boulevard of Borken Dreams, Holiday, and When September Ends. its a good song, if u havn't hurd it, or didn't see the vid, go do that now! Do it!


Saturday, August 6, 2005

Wat wud u do?
now heres a situation for u:
(this happend to me, no kiddin' around on the answers if u wud)
U gotta wake up at 8am because ur sis has an orientation for college in a city about 3hrs from ur town. u shower, get dressed and all that, and when ur about to get in the car, u see one of ur 4 dogs run across the front yard. (they're supposed to be in the backyard which is fenced in) U call her and she comes to u. u put her in the fence and cover up the hole they made to get out. now u get in the truck w/ ur dad and hes yellin at u cause the dogs got out, and it aint ur fault. u find the other three on the next street and walk towards them, they slpit up, u go after two of them, dad goes after the other. u chase them down a block or two into an alley. they start runnin and u follow suit to keep up. now they run across the street where ur dad is waiting, as he has caught the second one already. he grabs one of them, but the other runs off. u follow her and tell ur dad to take the other home. with only one dog left to take home, u focus ur attention on keeping her in ur sight. she runs across the street, u follow and nearly get hit by a car. u see her walk into a church parking lot. its fenced off so u say "good, now all i gotta do is make sure she dosn't get arround me when she tries to get back out. and then she runs through a hole in the fence, leading to a dirt road that is now muddy do to an early rain.

whew, that was long.
ok, now is where u have to make a decision:
ur dad pulls up in the parking lot and says "we have to go, we can't be late for ur sister's orientation. Leave the dog, she'll come back!" u see the her run further down the road, which is surrounded by brush. she stops and turns.

Do u go after her, or get in the truck and hope that shes waiting at home u when u get back from the orientation.


hello there
well my comp finnaly stopped being a b*tch @$$ muh F*ka and i post again. before this all i could do is use Yahoo messanger and AIM, but now everythings working.

not much has happend since i'v last been on. band practice, boredom, same ol' sh*t. well except for that one of the directors got really mad and told of one of the freshman. that was funny as hell. and i got some new clothes for school. and of course theres bad stuff that happend like today. let me put another post to explain.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Damn it i'm sore! god! those f*ckin exersises we do in band to warm up hurt like sh*t if ur already sore, which i was! f*ck!

well Albert 'tossed his cookies' after like 3 exersises, don't kno y. And Jon O. invited Jacob to his b day party, and not me. said somethin about his mom only letting 4 ppl come. and then phillip made the point that there was probably alot of family going. and i said "who invites more family then friends to their birthday?" and Phillip got mad because he did that for his. Javi didn't do much but play today.

well my lips hurt really bad from all those high notes, i need some ice or somethin. goodbye


bored bored bored
its 1am, even though the O says its 2, i got 1. i should be asleep, but i was to bored.

funny yesterday though, Albert cudn't c for sh*t. and Javi showed all the little freshman how to do everything right. and me, i just did the stuff they told me. Phillip was all military like.
lets see, wat else? o yea, there was this one freshman chick that cudn't play and she blamed it on the horn. so Michael, our Drill Instructor(DI), traded horns w/ her and played it just fine. and then she started arguing w/ one of the directors.
well i'll update again later today.

so long and good night,
so long and good night.
(had Helena by My Chemical Romance stuck in my head)


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