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Saturday, March 18, 2006

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Gunner chicks

Quote of the month:

PH34R T3H 1337 Ol\l35! (translated-fear the leet ones) Yoha guys! OMG! I HAVE THE MOST INTERESTING THING YOUR GOING TO HEAR ALL DAY! I'M NOT JOKING! MY FREAKING SCHOOL ALMOST CAUGHT ON FIRE! NO JOKE! AND I WAS IN IT AT THE TIME! It was really scary!...and now you are probably wondering why I am at school in the middle of summer. Well, the colorguard weight lifts in the highschool weight room, and we had just finished when the fire started. It was right in our fields. It started from a train, because we have tracks behind the school. It was scary! >.< I'd like to see someone top that!

Anyway, ya, thats the excitment that went on, other than that, the softball team got lost in Souix City. That was an adventure. We drove all the way through the city and ended up in the country, then we almost drove back through, but we stopped at a CHURCH to ask for directions. To say the least, a lot of people were staring at us. Then we completely passed the school and went into this really rich suburb. I mean, one of the houses was a CASTLE! I'M NOT JOKING! A REALLY CASTLE! It was so cool looking! We all wanted to stop there for directions...but since we knew where it was there was no point. Then we couldn't find the softball feilds, so we spent HALF AN HOUR trying to find the softball feilds. It was an adventure to say the least.

Lets see, anything else happen since I updated? Hm...............no, I don't think I can think of anything...actually, a senior visited me yesterday. She had just gotten back from europe. She had so many stories to tell, and it was a fun time. OH! I haven't told you about the horribly rotten day I had on tuesday! A cement truck blocked me into my driveway to start! THen I burned my foot...yes, I BURNED my FOOT! Then, I had a softball game, that we lost by the way...horribly! You try swinging a bat with a burnt foot, it doesn't feel good. ANd then the scoreboard for the game quit, and I'm in charge of that for one of the games! Then, the phone line went off, and I got stuck behind an RV that was trying to get into a drive way! IT WAS SO HORRIBLE! But I'm better now, it was only one day!

So that is my completely random post! I'm sorry that I don't update that much, I just forget alot of the times. Otherwise I would. I'm just such a scatterbrain! I even forget what my name is some days! Man thats embarrassing to ask in the middle of class what my name is. Anyway, I've had more sugar than normal today plus I'm more awake right now, thats why I'm so upbeat! Plus, I've been listening to alot of J-rap. I'm addicted to it! Its just really good! The funny thing is that I can't stand American hip hop, but I like J-rap...I'm alittle screwed up in the head!

Anyway, I've made this plenty long enough, so I'll visit you all later today! SEE YA! ^_^

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