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Friday, June 22, 2007

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well,Today has just been a drag, there's positivly,absolutly,nothing,nothing to be done...
Figure that one out people....if you get it, then you're worth the effort...but if not I'll give you a chance...mmmmmmmm...I can't stand the silence here...it sux!


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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Let Cupid's arrow pierce my skin,
Let everything be released that I hold within;
Rip my whole being apart,
Shred me to pieces - especially my heart.

I give you all I've got,
You just want me to sit here and rot;
And if thats what it came down to,
You know I would - just for you.

I love the heat - it prepares me for where I'll be,
How I'll spend my eternity;
Tonight; my heart bleeds to show you how much I care,
To prove to you I will always be there.

Whether it be God, Cupid, the Devil himself,
They made me love you - and for this, I need help;
A deadly obsession that is taking over me,
I know if you cared then you would surely see:

How bad I am ripping at this dead skin,
This carcass I am expected to suffer in;
I haven't bled like this for many nights,
But the pleasure re-ignited itself; and I just couldn't fight.

Tomorrow may be just another day,
But for me it could bring all my hope and stay;
Maybe if I take one too many pills,
Let one too many crimson tears spill:

Satan can take me to my real paradise,
So I can suffer with my own kind;
The roaches, the buzzards, the demons, the wretch,
They say Hell is agony, but I would gladly spend my eternity ripping at my own flesh.

This struggle to feel normal,
This struggle to become whole;
Leaves so many things unfinished,
And leaves my fragile body with a broken soul.

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   The photo of you
Here I am
Sitting all alone
Staring at you
In these photos I have

Your Radiant smile
your soft tender lips
The happiness glows
From deep within

I wish it was real
The photo of you
I wish you where near
So I could touch your soft skin

I want to hold you close
And be able to call you my own
Give you a kiss
And say I love you so

You are the light
That shines down on me
When I am sad
And when I'm not

You are my life,
You mean the world
I love you darling
And can't wait
Till the day we meet

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