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my favorite kind of music is rock,emo,some alternative,and some metal.my favorite colors are black, red,blue,green,and grey.i don't like to classify myself, but accourding to some people and 100 or so tests i took,i'm goth and emo...soo...i love to make new friends,so sign my GB and PM me if u want to don't click this link...

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who exactly ARE you? (AnImE PiCs)

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

ive neglected this site for a while. oops?

back to school =.=
how are your "school days"?
mine are very long. and boring.

oh,and i moved,too,so that made things more confusing. same school and everything,just..new house/area.

ohhhh,i got tickets to MangaNEXT in Secauces,New Jersey. anyone else goin there? O_o

also hoping to go to AnimeNEXT in July ( or June?). if i do,im going to try to cosplay as Deidara....but only if my friends do it with me..

um. yeah.

anyway,so S.M (the one and only!), is only in my tech class but she sits at the table i sit at during lunch. i found another table. i think i can deal. well, i can always go to the "guidance office"....creepy place. it smells funny in there.

i vill do rounds on yo sites now....i think...

....um........go akatsuki....?

~V.K Kyu

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Friday, August 3, 2007

weeks of the weeks
longish timish no typish...(...)

last night i went to a concert.awesomeness. it was Four For Fighting,Brighten,Vanna,Alesana,and From First To Last. i really went to see FFTL,but i wound up liking the others bands a lot,too. i got two t-shirts (FFTL,Alesana),stickers (free for tipping the FFTL booth-person and "helping him get drunk" ),and 2 albums (Brighten,Alesana).

ive actually never been in a mosh pit before this (only 10 minutes in there,but oh well) o.0

i also took (way too many) pics. of all the bands,pretty much.except for Four For Fighting. cuz they were packing up when i got there.
hoping to get the pics printed by today...they appear to have come out ok.

yep.thats all thats happened. nothin else.

(havent seen you in 5 weeks,Nikki o_o)

ears are ringing. neck hurts. ankle is bruised badly. all in all, i had a lot of fun. and the music was awesome.

~V.K Kyu

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why is it so dark in here?
i have given up the search for my tuner,screw it,i'll do my best....

it smells like bleach here.

i feel sick. internal-hemmorhaging like. my head hurts ._.

i'm not sure what to say about that pic with frank and gee.


~V.K Kyu

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

its either really late or realy early. depends on how you think....

im at a hotel. my mother finally got married. finally. what a relief.now she wont be asking me constantly if i am happy.

but right now, i wish not to feel. because i do not want to hurt.i do not want to be sad. i do not want any of these felings,whether they be good or bad.

i would still like to be a machine,perhaps.

~Virus Kid Kyu

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