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Okay... So, I'm hardly ever on anymore. But I try to get on atleast once a week.
I'm totally not like other girls. Haha. I know, you've heard that before. But I'm serious.
Some things about me.

`My name is Jada CATASTROPHE`
`Most people lable me as Scene or Emo.`
`I Live in Georgia.`
`I'm afraid of cotton balls. Get one near me and I'll hate you forever.`
`You probably won't like me.`
`I'm taken.`
`You'll never see me without a weird belt on.`
`I love accesories.`
`Blue Cool-Ade rules my world.`
`I don't have a hero. Or role model. Or whatever else.`
`I'm Christian.`
`I love to party.`
`I love Youtube.`
`I hate the color orange, unless it's neon.`
`Neon colors make me happy in the pants. :]`
`I'm fucking Hardcore Bitch.`
Btw, don't tell me what you think of me. Because I really don't give a shit.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008

Listening to: The Phrase That Pays
Wanting: To see Josh, French fries.
Hating: Stuff.
Mood: Bitchy.
Quote: "I think I may just saw your head off with a tooth brush" By me.

I'm so pissed.
Dunno why either.
I just want to strangle something. Though... This may have to do with me bleeding to death.
Anyway. I didn't see Josh this afternoon because
I had to retake a stupid test.
I have to do it Tuesday too.
Fucking school.
Anyway. That's all.

The Phrase That Pays - The Academy Is...

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

Listening to: Don't Trust Me
Wanting: To skip tomorrow with Joshhh.
Hating: Stuff.
Mood: Bored. Unamused.
Quote: You're just another girl alone at the bar.

In every class people sang me happy birthday.
I hate my birthday.
Nothing much happened. I got hit alot. No gifties yet. LMAO.
I skipped half of my last class today. Just for the hell of it. =D
I'm so bored.
And no one even reads this. ._.
So laterrr.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25, 2008

Listening to: Get Crunk by Brokencyde
Wanting: Food, sleep, company, and Josh.
Hating: Pain.
Mood: Sleepy, risk taking, bored.
Quote: This is easy as long as you know what to do.

Well, today was intrestingly boring.
Josh, Web, Jon, and I were plaing with this card board box in my drama class. We cut eyes in it. It is now my baby. xDDD That we threw away. ._.
I am loaded with test! D:
And all I feel like doing right now is parting. I hardly ever have time for anything anymore. But I like it this way, I think. it keeps me busy, but I am losing friends.
Tomorrow is my birthday. My mom and I are going out to eat. And then this weekend Josh and I are hanging out (hopefully).
I feel like bitching Jocelyn out. Tessa is doing it though. T_T
Lucky bitch.
Anyway, this post is longer than yesterdays! Yay!
And my site is undergoing major construction. =D

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