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Saturday, May 17, 2008

it's been a long long time since i've been here

everything seems kind of unfamiliar.

it's almost been two years since my last post. to say that, it seems like nothing, but to live it has been quite an experience.

as seems to be the tradition with me, i've undergone a lot more changes over the past two years.

the girlfriend that i had? well, that relationship ended a while back, and unfortunately now we're not on the best of terms. on the positive side though, i've learned a lot of things about life, love, and other people through that relationship.

I believe that once again, I've matured as a person, although I still have some qualities that can make me seem rather immature at times. also, as seems to be tradition now, some of the things that I talked about in my last post seem trivial. It's funny really.
It seems like every time i come back to this site after a long, long break and look back on what i've said, I get rather whimsical, and almost somewhat philosophical.

In the past two years, especially with this past school year, my anime and manga obsession as been brought back with a vengeance, and i've also increased my DDR skills. I'm almost as good as most of those crazy kids you see doing it on youtube. or perhaps you ARE one of the crazy kids, reading this post right now and thinking, "i'd like to see how good this guy is". Haha, I don't really know.

I'm also finishing up my senior year in high school. I've got a full ride to a four year university, where i'm going to earn a BFA in acting. I'm also rather pleased with the fact that I was accepted at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, though I don't have the money to pay for that school now.

As for focusing on the present, I suppose I'm talking to a girl right now. I'm not entirely sure exactly what you would call it. We're not 'dating officially' as they say, but we are romantically involved. Think what you will, because I'm not entire sure what it is my self at this point in time. Ah well, I'm sure it'll work out one way or another.

I've also developed a bond with two girls at my school. We hang out quite often, and we do a lot of things together. We're like the three musketeers (or the three stooges, depending on the situation at the time). We stick by each other, and it's a friendship the likes of which I don't think I've had for quite a long time now.

Well, I suppose that covers most of the revelations and experiences I've gone through all this time, or at least the major ones, the ones that stand out in my mind. Perhaps i'll become a more active member of this site now, but those who are still my friends on this site, please don't be too disappointed with me if I don't.

I'm not sure what to say for profilic or majestic closing words, so I guess I'll just say this.

Do what you can with the time you've been given. Don't let things hold you back, and remember that even if you stumble and fall, life will keep moving on. You just have to pick yourself back up and run with it.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

just looked through my archives.....

and wow, how i've changed through the years. some of my older posts now sound really immature to me, and rather stupid, in fact. a lot of the music i talked about, i no longer listen to, or hardly ever do, and i now have a steady girlfriend. we've been dating almost 3 months, and we actually really do love each other. my hair is so much longer, and i've gotten a lot better looking, i must admit. it's amazing how a couple of years could mature me so much. I now have a promising band started, i've learned how to play guitar and bass, i'm a fairly decent singer, and i'm going to the Academy for arts, sciences and technology this coming school year. And i'm actually looking forward to it (going to be majoring in theatre). As i look back through these, i find it almost funny how trivial and stupid some of the things that made me sad, and i complained about now seem. I have discarded many of the labels that i used to want to be, and accepted who i truly am. i've all but given up video games, though i still play them sometimes, they have taken a backseat (or even a trunk) to school, music, and relationships. I believe now i have truly become a better person than i used to be. I experience new things that i find beautiful every day, i've expanded my musical horizons (though i still hate country and rap). Though anime and manga are still large parts of my life, i am no longer dependent on them as i once was, and i now read a lot of series that are more real-life. I've become less self-centered than i used to be, and more open and caring. in closing, i believe this may be my final post, at least for a while. This was fun, but this site has lost its glamour for me, i no longer enjoy it as much. i find it sad, but true. So to all those who read this, i wish you happiness and good health, and i also say even when your life seems at its worst, hold out, there is always hope. and now, i choose to leave you with my new philosophy in life, and the most beautiful and truest thing to me.

All you need is love
-The Beatles

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


dear god, it's been literally forever since i've updated my site. been so busy.

i doubt anybody visits anymore, but for those who still do, how are you? i'm sorry i've been absent. what's up?

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

site updated. New theme: Haku

hallo everybody. i really need to try to keep my updates more constant, don't i? but i've finally redone the site again, with my current obsession: Haku.

hope you like.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


hi guys. god, it's been (quite literally) forever since i've updated. i finally kicked my own lazy ass and fixed up the site. i put up a music video (that actually works) a better avatar, a new background (that shows) a new user image, and a neat little kenshin animation on my posts. so whatcha think? oh, and if you don't like avenged sevenfold, i'm truly sorry. they're one of my favorite bands. peace.

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