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Hello there! I'm Nono-chan! You can call me that if you wish. or Nono. I want to welcome everyone to my site and have lots of fun, well about my life as much fun as you get. =D

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I woke up today to my mother screaming. Don't you hate one of those days were your parents has to be somwhere and yet it seems it your falut that they're late? -_-;; So after a week of no school I had come back.

So walking into school I get the wonderful news that we have benchmark testing today. Now this wouldn't be so bad if I knew about it before hand, I was out sick the last day we had to go to school last week where they had informed everyone of this test. So I saw they had the people out in the hall with the list, so off to homeroom I go!

To realize how annoying, stupid, boring splended, wonferful, amazing this test is. Well good news is that David is in my HR...for about 3 minutes before he realized he wasn't on the roll and had to go to a different room. David is a guy I kinda have a thing for yet he is a really fun and cool guy. He's smart =D

Well after that wonderful test we had classes like normal. Collage World History was fun cuz it was short, 35 mintues. Compared to my normal hour and a half. All classes where shorter today. It was very nice. =D

Well I think I'm done for today. My life isn't that great. -_-;; Joke of the day:
Andrea: Hey Lisa do you have any food for me today (Side note I get away food I don't want during class =D)
Lisa: *looks in bag and sees good food* Uhh... not really. I kinda want everything today...
Ben and David: You have food?!
Lisa: This isn't a buffet! Sit down!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hello everyone! My name is Nono-chan I'm happy to be here! I hope to make lots of friends and show my talent to you all.

Now I don't plan to hold anything back from anyone so I'm going to be myself. *Pardon the harsh words I may say at times* But I'm reall glad to be here!

My day Today: Well waking up late as usual I woke up and went to the computer. Well after a few minutes I had some otmeal and went to play on the comp some more. Then my dad comes in and says we have to help him fix up the lawn to X-mas stuff up. -_-

Now it's not that I don't love X-mas. I love it for the pretty lights and cool weather and the gifts, good times we spend. But I really don't like being outside that much. I get sick often and I am sick right now. So going outside after taking a shower and feeling fresh didn't seem that appealign if you know what I mean.

But because my mom loves X-mas mas and wanted her stuff up I went to work with my dad. My bro who was suppose to come out with me seemed to lag for about 10 mintues though. <_<

But being out there the weather was cool and it felt really nice, even cutting and moving branches for lights. Then after everything was up it looks really nice now. Some lights don't work or are worn so my mom is getting new ones.

After a look down we went to take my doggie for a walk which it was pretty cold by then. But I really enjoyed it. I think I was getting walked by the dog more then the other way around if you know what I mean. -_-;;; But I love her. <3

So that was basically my day. I came back to the comp after the work and my parents went shopping, I made layouts for my blog, linked to your left and had dinner from Wendys. =D And pie XD

So I'm going to end with something I think is funny in my life, I have many things one at least everyday. I just want to share in the giggles. XD
*X-mas decoration falls from wall*
Mom: Ugh! I need to get that good tape!
Me: Where's that from?
Mom: The Dollar Store!

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