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Thursday, June 24, 2010

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I have used the same introduction for quite a while now. so after thinking about it I suppose I shall write something new for all you myo people. :D Well lets see I have been here for some time. Not a long time. But not a short time either. I loved myO. Really liked it. This site taught me a lot of html. Although since Version Vibrant I haven�t really had the opportunity to use it anymore so I�m a bit rusty. ^___^ I do a lot if not all of my activity on theO which has pushed me to actually submit stuff and learn about graphic design. So visit me sometime :3 Let�s see. I don�t really have any rules except the obvious. I like ice cream basketball and reading. I�m not a yaoi or shonen fan but I don�t have anything against the genres. Just�I don�t like them. I�m more of shoujo person.
Art by Mokaffe (c)


july is coming up and with it goes my "legal" childhood. :) ill be turning eighteen- something that has caught me off guard. still there are so many benefits to becoming legally an adult so i think ill be fine. :3

since i change my themes every month im wondering what artist to feature. still i like this one so i might just leave this one alone for a while more. :)

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