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hey you peeps. it's horsewalk. i made a new account named after my WoW character. this site will be dedicated mostly to what happens to niytewufe on WoW. Peace out WoW addicted champions!!!!!!!!!

Sin Vida

Friday, February 1, 2008

  I think I got kicked out of my guild!!!!!!! *cries* I just logged on one time and I wasn't in a guild anymore!!! *sigh* Oh well. Btw. My character's name is actually called Niytwufe. I couldn't remember when I made this so.... Yah.

Anyway, I'm level 11!!!!!!!!!!! I have a pet Screech owl! ^ ^ He's sooooooo cute!!!!! I didn't name him yet though. I wanted to ask you guys what I should call him. What do ya think?

Anyway. I'm working time out to make my site less plain. I'm gona try to get a screen shot of me so you can see me! ^ ^

LOL Niytwufe out!


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   The Devil's Incarnation
Hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!.................. I have no idea what that was about..... I just thought it would be a good name for a post! ROFL!!! Aaaanyway. Let me tell you about me *cough* the WoW charater.

I'm a Night Elf. I'm tall, with long, green hair. Oh yah. I'm a girl.
I hunt for a living. That's why they call me a hunter. lol.
I'm only level 9 right now but I will be level 70 some day.
I'm a member of the new guild Sin Vida. I didn't sign the guild charter but I was on my way to when Apo *guildmaster* got the last 2 signatures. Anyway. So I joined after he made the guild.
I made a friend called Tanksalot *ROFL* in the guild. We did a quest together and then I had to log. Oh. Tanks is a warrior. *no frick*

So, that's me right now! See ya 'round Azeroth!

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