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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hope you are all doing great!!
I'll chekc out your sites soon!!

I apologies to those you took the time to visit my blog but wasn't able to comment.
Cus Haloscan's server went down,so no link >_>;

Anywho,about my last post...

So,to sum it up:
-I got winked my a naked guy;
-got chased around by a guy in a Santa suit,cus he wanted me to sit on his lap;
-got whistled by a co-worker;
-need to shop gor Gen's xmas present;
-need to do essay
-Johnny boys' are so addictive.

I won't go into all the details..lol

@ Sophia lol No,I'm not popular.I love anime/manga & bishies..so to most westerners,I'm dorky,a geek..*gasp* an otaku!! O_O;;
I sometime walk around in a Naruto tee during gym class..well,guys find that cute...o_O
And at work,I sometimes wear my Konoha headband..but dang,kids sure think I'm cool!! XD

But yeah,I should make those boys pay!!>=) lol

We had another nude model,this time it was a women...but gawd,she had no boobs...that's no fun to draw!! T^T lol I sound like a perv!! XP
But seriously,she was pretty dull..she was skinny,no curves at all..but she had smooth lines and her poses were graceful =) She had afro-like red hair!!That was cool to draw..though,I wanted to draw long flowy hair...=(

I need to buy some new accessories..my outfits now look pretty dull...
I want Converse shoes!!!Please Santa!!!I've been good!!!! T^T I'll bake you cookies if you bring me black Converse shoes!!!

This Saturday,my aunt is throwing a Church XMas party..>_<;
Don't want to go...
Have you ever seen asian adults play Mahjong?? They're so scary,they get so into it...don't get me started when they play Si Kuu..*shivers*
Asian gathering = the dreaded karaoke!!!*gasp*No!!!
Since it's a church party..it means we'll proably watch a Mandarin,Khmer or Cantonese dubbed Passion of the Christ or somehting..or does my aunt only show horribly dubbed Jesus movies at Easter?? I'm not fluent in Cantonese...
Since it's for XMas,there'll probably be a Creche play played by my cousins and my parents' friends' children...>_>;
Thank kami-sama,I'm too old now for that!!!!^^;

Well,atleast the food will be heavenly good!!! >=) lol I only go just for the food!!! XP

See you!!
Take care!

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