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Monday, December 11, 2006

W00t!I'm posting!
How are you??

Hectic week!!!My first college session is almost over...I think I'm failing 4 classes...T-T
But that's ok =) Really^^ I have all the time I need to retake those courses next fall..so that's good^^

Last Tuesday,we had a nude male model in Observation art class...
I was absent the week before,there was also a nude male model..but he was muscular..
The one I had wasn't...so muscular..but he wasn't fat..
lol,I'm so shallow! XP
But he was fun to draw,since he had more curves...I find curves fun to draw..that sounds so wrong.. XP Maybe that's why I enjoy drawing girls more.

He was..hmm..funny.
For the first pose,he slapped his left behind and pointed the guy/student in front of him..lol XP
I had a back view of that..so when he slapped his butt..it was kinda like jello...>_>;
And for the last pose,he turned around,winked at me and sat,legs completely spread apart in front of me!!!!And on top of that,he kept smirking at me!!! o_O
Sorry buddy,mais tu as aucune chance! XP

It was my first time drawing a male in the nude...funny,I thought it would be weird for me and that I would get shy or something...
But no,I was completely unfased...lol I'm too use to seeing naked guys,so now,it has so effect on me!

At school,some student are tryong to raise money.So you can take a picture with Santa!! lol But the guy dressed up as Santa was annoying...He saw passed by and shouted:"Hey!You're cute!!Why don't you come here and sit on my lap?!!"
I said no,so he got up at kept following me and asking me to sit on his lap!! @_@;; Crazy person!!!

Last Friday or Thursday..or maybe Saturday..>_>; can't remember...
Anyway..it was during work.I lef the cash register to put back the juice the customer didn't want anymore.My shirt that was under my polo uniform was too high up for my taste,so I lift my polo up so I can pull my shirt down..and then one of my co-workers whistled at me.
I gave him this wtf look --> o_O
I turned around and was like: What the??You should be ashamed.-__-;
And he said:"Why?I'm a guy and your a cute girl,what's wrong with that??"
Well,he's a good friend,so I know he was joking around ^__^;
So,it's a good thing is a friend and a cute guy or else I would have beaten him up...>=)
My friend Gen keeps saying that he has a crush on me...but that's doubtful
lol,I'm just that cynical! XP

People think that I'm this cute,timid,clumsy,quiet girl who can't even hurt a fly...but I find myself pretty cynical..
So,who's the real me??Both views are quite opposites.Just because I am me,does it mean I'm person who knows me best??Or is it the person/ppl who I love the most??
To be honest,I think it's the latter.Because,it's to those precious people who I will give my best of everything.

Agree or disagree??

Christmas is approaching fast..I'm almost done with gift shopping.All I'm missing is Gen's gift.Since it's pretty expansive,my best friend,Mary and I decided to spit the money and buy it together^^ I think we'll go to Montreal Chinatown (there's lots of Jap,korean,tai and khmer stores.So,there's a Sanrio shop ^^)together to get the present this Wednesday =)

Need to do my Philosophy essay and not procastinate..O_O

My post is so long!! XP
So,to sum it up:
-I got winked my a naked guy;
-got chased around by a guy in a Santa suit,cus he wanted me to sit on his lap;
-got whistled by a co-worker;
-need to shop gor Gen's xmas present;
-need to do essay
-Johnny boys' are so addictive.

What's with all this??Why to I attract weirdos??!Well,my co-work. isn't a weirdo..he doesn't count,cus I think he's just fooling around.

Take care sweeties!!
With <3,

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