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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nov|26th|o6 Salut!!!
Wow..O_O I'm actually updating XD
How are you all??

Thank you so much for commenting and for the warm welcome!! You guys are too kind!T^T

Happy Birthday Elyze!!!!
She's turning 18^^Here in Canada,she can now buy liquor! XP lol

I'll be going to work at 1:00 pm.So,before that,I'll be shopping with my friend Gen^.^
But I can't spend alot..need to keep some for XMas gifts and for me to buy Converse shoes and either Fei Lun Hai,F.I.R or Angela Aki album =)

Random:: ZOMFG!O_O Super Junior now has 13 members!!!Now,they match up with i-13!!! Hehehe,but some of the girls are way too young for these guys...O_O;
I have their U single,which isn't as catchy as Twins(Knock Out)...the cd case's width is like = to 2 cd cases..lol

Watching HanaKimi tai drama!!!! =3 Wu Zun & Jiro MOE! lol <--crazy fangirl..lol ^^;

Please take a look at my cover art for my doujin!!!Sankyuu!!!

With lots of <3,

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