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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello =)
It's been so long..lol Hope you are doing well^^
I didn't think I would post entries here again,but oh well..lol
Not even sure,ppl will visit..lol ^^;

So,as you can see,new layout! Featuring ARASHI =)
Dang,asian boy band are just to addictive XP
I added a very small mp3 section for you to download.It'll be rotated when I feel like uploading a new file >=)
So,scroll down! lol

College is coming along well...I'm just very lazy and such a procastinator! XD
I got my first job too^^It'll be 3 month soon.
And now,1 of my best friends works there too!!!How great is that? =)

Hmm...oh,my art has greatly improve^^
And my art site is coming along quite well..having already 20,000+ hits.
Thank you so much for visiting!!!
Though right now,it's on a short hiatus,just until I finish changing the layout..guess,I better switch to php...too lazy..

I think it's ThanksGiving in the US,huh?
So have a great one!!!
What are you thankful for?

Ok,now what else is new..hmm..still single...lost a little weight(not enough though lol XP),yet I still have a very healthy appetite!!

I can't wait fot the movie,BOYS LOVE to come out!!!!!!Cast of Tenimyu=hot!! lol

Oh,the manga,HanaKimi is now a live-action tai drama,starring Ella from S.H.E girl band as Mizuki,Chun from Fahrenheit(Fei lun hai) as Sano and Jiro also from Fei lun hai as Nakatsu!!!!!!

Good thing my dad understand Madarin,he'll be able to translate for me..so,he'll have to watch it too! >=) lol

Anywho,Have a stellar day!!!!!

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