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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Oye minna-san!!!^.^*huggles*
Hope you're all doing well!Thank you for always visiting me^^Love you all T-T

Dang,yesterday first period was my Economics exam!!! WTF??o_O Since when??I didn't even had the chance to study..T-T Well,at least I pay attention in class and handed all my work^.^
Good news-for me!; My Math test is not until next week(maybe even the week after) since my teacher's comp crashed..Lucky me!^_~ I can still procrastinate!^_^d*YOSH!* lol

lol, during art class,when I walked in I saw all the tables and desks were all moved around..o_O So,I had to sit at the back...then my teacher told us to face the board and look at the bike..and I was like:"What the hell..???!!Where did that bike come from??!!!o_O" And this guy was like:"Didn't you noticed it when you walked in??..It's on top of the table..it's pretty hard to miss" -_-; He's right..my friends laughed..lol I'm so absent-minded XP So,the bike was for observation art...How ironic..I'm not a very observant person ..T^T*sigh* lol

Well,with that said..Ja ne and take care!!!<3

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