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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Hi there!!*waves*
Wow..I'm actually updating..O_O lmao
I hope your day is going well so far!!!^.^

Gah,the week-end is almost over...it went by so fast...T^T Though is was boring..lol^^;

I added a fanart..so,if you have time,please check it out^^Sankyuu*bows*!=3
New plug..my sister's pixel/adoption site- TuneTheRainbow!!XP You do remember Sweetrose,right??!
Have any you of checked out the Extra pop-up in my intro??I added a pic of my handwritting & desktop...

I need to buy sandals for Prom...and new tankoban(Bleach vol15,Furuba vol.17,Mankin vol.29,Nana vol.8)!!

My mom made me a pair of pants...and it's white!!White..it's so fatning..T-T..I'll have huge thighs..like a cow(my deepest apologies to cows everywhere!)...T^T..Well,actually I don't look that bad it them!!Which really surprised me.o_O lol

I think my math exam is this week..*sigh and cries*

Well,have a wonderful day & take care!*blows a kiss*Ja!

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