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Friday, October 7, 2005


Bonjour minna-san!!!(lol,mixing French and romaji..^^;)

How's your day so far??
I got no school today^___^

***My friend Genevieve is back!!!!She was in France for 2 freakin' weeks..I missed her^___^

I got so much work to do...English HW,French book report...@_@;;

For Web design class,I have to make a litle shrine for an artist,band or athlete of my choice...I'm thinking of L'Arc~En~Ciel-One of my fav.J-Rock-or maybe Psycho Le Cemu..not sure...

So,the big Q?...Who's dressing up for Halloween???If you think that's childish..it is SO not!!!lol
I was thinking of cosplaying..but don't have the money..I prefer to save it for something more important later on..like my prom dresslol
Anyway,I want to dress up in 80*s clothing(like a cute,glamorous short gold dress with black boxer/sport boots or long boot-like converse)
And a few of my friends will dress up like that too..it will be so cool!

It's my last year in High School..might as well have fun!!^_~

With that said,I'll do my very best to visit as many sites as possible and see you later mes cheris!

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