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Friday, September 30, 2005


Hi there!!
I hope you're doing well!!!!

I'm at school right now..lol^^;
In my web design class...
I working on frames..already know how,DIV layers are so fun to make^^Tables are so complicated!!!God!I want to make a pop-up div layer for my character shrine..though I still don't know which character I'll make a shrine of..*sigh*..
Hopefully,I'll be able to get my site(the charac. shrine) hosted on a collective server and get a domain...or I'll just might purchase a domain myself...

I alopogize for not being on for the last few days*bows*I tried to visit as often though^^

In art class,we have to make a mask or head(or whatever you call it) with a balloon using news paper...as scuplt facial features using toilet paper...my work's coming on good...I can't wait to paint it!!!That's the fun part!!lol for me anyway^^;

Have a great week-end minna-san!!!!!!


Bringing back this short clip from episode 20-ish something(can't remeber^^;)featuring Ichimaru Gin-Captain of the 3rd division(he's also one of my fav. Captain..I lvoe his evil smirk and those eyes of his..lol)-battling Ichigo Kurosaki^^

**Nota:To view the clip again,right click on the video and select Play/Pause.

A Shinigami once said and I quote:"Damn Ichimaru he has funky eyebrows!"
Heheheh,so hilarious!!

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