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Sunday, September 25, 2005

*ponders for a subject title*

Hello everyone!!!

I'm almost done with my HW^^

I appologized if I didn't get to your site yesterday...I had problems with the comment pop-up window...*sigh*

I'm listening to Lost Heaven(FullMetal Alchemist-the Movie) performed by Arc~En~Ciel!!I love that band!!=^.^=
I'll put it on MyO someday...sounds good?

It seems that more and more people are getting interested in Bleach..hehehe^.^
The anime isn't as good as the manga..don't really like the character design in the anime...
But the music is so grand!
If you love Orange Range and Rie Fu as much as I do,you'll want to buy the OST!

With that said,thank you for reading and I'll be sure to visit you guys.I leave you with this clip featuring Ichimaru Gin-Captain of the 3rd division(he's also one of my fav. Captain..I lvoe his evil smirk and those eyes of his..lol)-battling Ichigo Kurosaki^^

**Nota:To view the clip again,right click on the video and select Play/Pause.

A Shinigami once said and I quote:"Damn Ichimaru he has funky eyebrows!"
Heheheh,so hilarious!!

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