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Monday, September 19, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?o_O

Took the picture^^;
God,it was so uncomfortable..the way the photographer wanted us to pose..>_>;;
If my picture turns out good..or atleast decent enough..I'll might post it my MyO..if anyone is curious about what I look like..lol^^;

I realize that I type way too fast!!@_@;;
And thus make LOTS of typos...Gomen!!!
I'll try hard not to make mistakes ,so that when you read my post it will be more enjoyable^___^
In computer class,my friend is stunned when she sees me type..lol
Though not as fast as the cordinators(like Kira or Athrun) in Gundam SEED..whoo!You should see how fast they type,it's like almost humanly impossible..lol

Woot!I don't have that much HW to do..so,I'll be able to visit your sites!^.^

Oh,I took out the background music..so that you can enjoy this Naruto Ninja parody!!
Hard-core fans might find this offending,but I tend to believe that all ppl have a healthy sens humor and are able to enjoy this...ne?o_O

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