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Friday, September 2, 2005


Hi there!!
Ogenki desu ka??

Wow...school is actually fun now...
I mean,since I'm in secondary 5(senior year) I get a lot more option courses..
I chose graphic and web design class..it's so cool=^.^=!!!

The first class..we didn't do much...she just ask us to create a web space on geocities,though I already made one before..lol

I was afraid that I would be the only girl in that course..but there's a few of them..^^;

The teacher asked of anyone knows HTML..5 ppl raised their hand,including me.
" " " ppl who knows CSS..I was the only one who had my hand up...It was kinda embaressing,everyone was staring at me...>_>;;
then she asked me if I knew Manuscripts and Javascripts and I said yes..she look very impressed...o_O

I hate my art teacher!!!!!!!!!!!What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!I,ll tell you why later...

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