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Friday, August 26, 2005

   Yay!!InuYasha the 2nd movie!!

Hi there!!
How are you all doing today?

My cousin from the US are coming..to visit my dad-who's in the hospital-and all...

Tonight will be the Canadian premiere of InuYasha-The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass-
Not my fav. IY movie..but I was always fascinated by the legend of the Tsuki Hime,Kaguya...^^;

Sorry if I wasn't able to make it to your site..I tried to visit evryone who updated..but sharing the comp. with 2 siblings makes it hard..gomen!*bows*
I'll do my best to visit today!!!!!

I'm working on Chapters 103 and 104 of Fruits Basket..so check out my other site in a couple of days or so...

It's kinda weird that YTV will air Yu-Gi-Oh! GX..even though the series hasn't ended yet...they still need to show the Kaiba Grand Prix arc and the Memory arc and the ending...did I miss any arc?

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